Golden Rule of Schmoozing

ISBN: 9781402252297

By: Aye Jaye

Published: 06/01/1998

Do one better than the golden rule

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Schmoozing is all about the authentic practice of treating others well. Author, public speaker, stand-up comedian and professional clown Aye Jaye reveals the secrets to uncovering your own magnetism and charm and how to use The Golden Rule of Schmoozing in your daily life.

This book will show you how to:
--Schmooze your boss, coworkers and customers
--Endear yourself using "chatch" and "schmick"
--Schmooze for love
--Make your first impression a positive, lasting one
--Schmooze friends, neighbors, kids and teens

Best of all, you'll discover the tools to developing happier, healthier relationships with your family, friends, coworkers, customers and even people you just met!


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments -
Foreword by Penn & Teller -
Introduction -

Chapter 1--The Four Laws of Schmoozing -
Chapter 2--Come Bearing Chatch -
Chapter 3--The "Make What You Say, Pay" Schmooze -
Chapter 4--The "Make It Happen" Schmooze -
Chapter 5--If the Schmooze Fits, Care for It -
Chapter 6--Schmoozing for a Job -
Chapter 7--Schmoozing the Boss -
Chapter 8--Managing with Schmooze -
Chapter 9--The Schmoozing Ninja Salesperson -
Chapter 10--The Matchmaking Schmooze -
Chapter 11--Schmoozing for Love -
Chapter 12--Making Up Schmooze -
Chapter 13--The Impulse Improv -
Chapter 14--The Traffic Schmooze -
Chapter 15--The ABC's of Kid Schmoozing -
Chapter 16--Teen Schmoozing -
Chapter 17--Schmooze Yourself to Good Health
Chapter 18--Oozing Schmooze on Yourself -
Chapter 19--Relationships Are Everything -
Chapter 20--Schmoozing Friends and Neighbors -
Chapter 21--The Tricky Schmicky Schmooze
Chapter 22--The Name Schmooze -
Chapter 23--Winning by Grinning Schmooze -


from the Introduction

So, what is schmoozing? According to Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, schmoozing is a Yiddish word that means "to chat" or "to converse idly." In his book, The Joys of Yid...

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