The Greatest Moments in Sports

ISBN: 9781402220999

By: Len Berman

Published: 11/11/2009

A fun and memorable read for parents and children alike, The Greatest Moments in Sports serves as the perfect introduction to the world of sports.

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A New York Times Bestseller! Experience all the action of the GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS! If you had to pick the greatest thing in sports you'd ever seen, what would it be? Was it a miraculous comeback? An amazing catch? A game-winning buzzerbeater? Or something completely different? The best thing about sports is that you never know when a great moment is going to happen. And everyone has a different opinion about what the greatest moments are. Sportscaster Len Berman reveals his favorite moments in sports and offers this challenge—what are yours? Hear the cheers, create and share your own memories, and let the debate begin! Plus, the included CD features many of the actual broadcasts—you'll hear all the drama and excitement as it happened! HEAR THE ACTUAL BROADCASTS OF: DAVID TYREE'S Super Bowl helmet catch WAYNE GRETZKY breaking the NHL scoring record A RECEPTION SO GREAT they call it "immaculate" MICHAEL JORDAN'S championship buzzer-beater and SIX MORE GREAT MOMENTS on an EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CD. PLUS DISCOVER THE INSIDE STORY BEHIND: How a young Tiger Woods destroys the field to win his first major championship Why one race-car driver is called "The King" College basketball's biggest upset When Babe Ruth tells a pitcher where he'll hit his home run—then does it

About the Author

Len Berman

Len Berman hosts the popular Spanning the World segments on NBC’s Today show. He is a former sports anchor at WNBC New York/ He has won eight local Emmy Awards and has been voted New York Sportscaster of the Year six times. His daily Top 5 email is featured in The Huffington Post and is received by thousands around the country.


Table of Contents

Introduction [Track 1]

Michael Phelps
The Babe's Called Shot
The '69 Miracle Mets [Track 2]
Hank Beats the Babe [Track 3]
The Great One [Track 4]
A Perfect 10
Hitler's Olympics
Arthur Ashe
Battle of the Sexes
The Greatest Game Ever Played
The Greatest Play in Super Bowl History [Track 5]
The Stanford Band Play [Track 6]
The Youngest Master
Clay Defeats Liston
Wilt Scores 100 [Track 7]
Michael Jordan's Shot [Track 8]
Villanova vs. Georgetown
Richard Petty
U.S. Women's World Cup Soccer
Big Red [Track 9]
Jackie Robinson
Roger Bannister
Breaking the Curse of the Bambino
The Immaculate Reception [Track 10]
The Miracle on Ice [Track 11]
Postscript [Track 12]

About the Author


Excerpt from The Greatest Moments in Sports: Michael Phelps

There is an old saying in sports that "records are made to be broken." But that's not always true. T


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“Len Berman's "The Greatest Moments in Sports" and "The 25 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time" (Sourcebooks, $16.99, 136 pages, coffee table size) are two for your sports books...

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