Hands-On Engineering

ISBN: 9781593639228

By: Beth Andrews

Published: 06/01/2012

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With its varied and engaging activities, "Hands-On Engineering" prompts students to understand and apply the methodologies of design and engineering as they create innovative solutions to challenges. Each challenge requires students to think analytically, assess new situations, and solve a hands-on, real-world problem. As students design their own boats, skyscrapers, wheelbarrows, hammocks, and more, they will need perseverance, imagination, and teamwork. This book's emphasis on practical skills, problem solving, and collaboration makes it an ideal tool with which to teach valuable 21st-century skills.

About the Author

Beth Andrews

Beth L. Andrews lives with her family in Orange County, CA. She has taught a variety of students in the Irvine Unified School District since 1983. Beth has been an advocate for gifted education in multiple capacities and is known for the creative ways in which she provides challenging curriculum. She has used her perspective on engaging students as the author of the Star Voyagers program and the Grammasaurs program.



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