Help Your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College

ISBN: 9781572486430

By: Mariela Dabbah

Published: 09/01/2007

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Help Your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College is a guide for Latino parents that stresses the importance of education and provides a framework for parents to put their children on a college-bound path. It explains the American educational system, how parents can get involved, how to help children stay focused and motivated, scholarships available for Latino children, student loans, choosing the right college, and the college application process.

About the Author

Mariela Dabbah

Mariela Dabbah nacio en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Es Licenciada en Filosofia y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Ha vivido en New York desde 1988, donde por doce anos fue la duena de una compania distribuidora de libros educativos biligues. Ademas, ella ha desarrollado numerosos programas educativos para adultos. Actualmente, la licenciada Dabbah, tiene su propia firma consultora que ofrece programas de espanol para empresas y organizaciones. Asimismo, en las universidades locales comunitarias, ensena el curso “Como conseguir trabajo.” Mariela sufrio en carne propia muchos de los obstaculos que sobrellevan dia a dia aqeullos que quieren vivir en forma permanente en los Estados Unidos. Esta escritora de libros de ficcion y ganadora de premios vive en Westchester, NY. Usted puede contactarse con ella a traves del Internet: Mariela.dabbah@verizon.net


Table of Contents

- A Note for Parents with Undocumented Children

Chapter 1: Let’s Get Some Inspiration

Chapter 2: The Basics
- Choosing a High School
- Raising the Academic Bar for Minority Students
- Requirements
- Attendance
- Grades and Grade Point Average
- Learn About Key Exams and Programs
- Tracking, Streaming, Ability Grouping
- Volunteering

Chapter 3: Other Ways to Fulfill High School Requirements
- Long Distance Learning
- Night School

Chapter 4: Extracurricular Activities and Summer Programs
- Extracurricular Activities
- Summer Programs

Chapter 5: Parent Involvement in High School
- Identifying Mentors
- Keeping Communication Channels Open
- Choosing Courses
- Getting to Know the Teachers
- Special Education in High School
- A Word on Handling Ethnically-Biased Situations
- Identifying and Supporting Your Child’s Vocation

Chapter 6: How to Help Your Child Stay in School and Out of Trouble

Chapter 7: Parents Who Have Been Separated from Their Children

Chapter 8: Options for Postsecondary Education
- Universities
- Colleges
- Community Colleges/Junior Collegs
- Technical/Vocatonal Schools

Chapter 9: What Colleges Look for in an Applicant
- Good Grades
- A Challenging Course Load
- Good SAT and ACT Scores
- Extracurricular Activities
- College Application Essay
- Letters of Recommendation
- The Interview
- Diversity and Other Important Factors
- Early Action or Early Decision

Chapter 10: Paying for College
- Financial Aid
- Saving for College
- One More Word About Paying for College

Chapter 11: Putting College on the Calendar
- 9th Grade
- 10th Grade
- 11th Grade
- 12th Grade

Message of Encouragement


How to Help Your Latino Child Stay in School and Out of Trouble

Excerpted from Help Your Child Succeed in High School by Mariela Dabbah ©2007

In the last few years, statistics have show...

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