Hooking Up or Holding Out

ISBN: 9781402208201

By: Jamie Callan

Published: 11/01/2006

The single woman's guide to fun and excitement with men.

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"Enlightening and empowering, if not your mother's dating book, Hooking Up is highly recommended." Library Journal Hooking up is cool, but holding out can be even better. Many women don't feel great about hooking up before they're really ready, but they're not sure how to go about holding out and still keep the guy interested. Most books that recommend holding out prescribe tired old retro games--not picking up the phone or pretending to have a date already. This straight-talking guide is new, different and smart. You can have a great time with men, hold plenty of power and just be yourself! Hooking Up or Holding Out shows you how to: Decide when the time is right and when it's just impulse sex Settle for nothing less than the very best sex life Hold off unwanted advances and play the field Make friends with lots of men and go on plenty of great dates Create a romance that's artful and full of passion Hook up with truly great men Have more fun in love than ever before

About the Author

Jamie Callan

Jamie Callan is the author of Just Too Cool. Her fiction has appeared in the Missouri Review, Buzz and American Letters & Commentary. She teaches writing at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut, where she lives.


Table of Contents

Foreword -
A Special Message to Men -
Introduction: Fasten Your Seat Belt, Baby

Part One: A Little Driver Education
Chapter One: Love Is Not a Freeway -
Chapter Two: What Drives Men? -
Chapter Three: Games Men Play -

Part Two: A Practical Guide to Modern Romance
Chapter Four: The Art of Flirting. -
Chapter Five: Where the Boys Are -
Chapter Six: Build a Coterie -
Chapter Seven: The Art of Resistance -
Chapter Eight: How to Succumb with Style -

Part Three: Advanced Lessons
Chapter Nine: Stick Shift Theory -
Chapter Ten: Merge, Yield, and Proceed with Caution -
Chapter Eleven: Fun with Freud -

Part Four: How to Start a Revolution
Chapter Twelve: Take Back the Sex Month -

Works Cited -
Bibliography -
Acknowledgments -
About the Author -


Introduction: Fasten Your Seat Belt, Baby
Admit it. You love that dark look in a man’s eyes when he’s just a little bit frustrated. He wants you badly and he’ll do anything to get you. You l...

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“Enlightening and empowering, if not your mother's dating book, Hooking Up is highly recommended” - Library Journal


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