Horrid Henry’s Joke Book

ISBN: 9781402244254

By: Francesca Simon

Published: 04/01/2010

Warning: Too rude for parents and for slimy toad little brothers!

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Warning: Too rude for parents and for slimy toad little brothers! These are Horrid Henry’s very own jokes: the jokes that grossed out Mom and Dad... that made Aunt Ruby run home... that sent Miss Battle-Axe screaming from class. Be horrid! Read Henry’s jokes. Then tell them to the world!


Table of Contents

Mummy’s Curse Jokes 3
Grisly Grub Jokes 11
Gross-Out Jokes 17
Scary Sitter Jokes 21
Terminator Gladiator Jokes 24
Underpants Jokes 27
Stinkbombs 32
Doctor Dettol Jokes 35
Dizzy Dave’s Dinosaur Jokes 40
Moody Margaret
Knocks Sour Susan Jokes 45
Beefy Bert’s Beastly Jokes 52
Aerobic Al’s Sports Jokes 59
Jokes Not to Tell Aunt Ruby 65
Jokes Not to Tell Miss Battle-Axe 68
Perfect Peter’s Favorite Jokes 76
Jokes Much Too Rude to Tell Mom 85


Do not read this joke book if:

  • Your name is Prissy Polly
  • You’re a goody-goody, ugly toad, tattle-tale
  • You watch Nellie’s Nursery on TV
  • ...

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“Children will get a kick out of reading the jokes and then retelling them to friends and family - what better way to get hesitant young readers to pick up a book? While the book is inte...

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Page Count: 112 pages


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