How to Buy a Diamond

ISBN: 9781402267321

By: Fred Cuellar

Published: 04/01/2012

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"Finally, one of the top diamond experts breaks the silence and demystifies the world of diamonds for regular folks like you and me."—Gregory J.P. Godek, author of 1001 Ways to Be Romantic

Get Your Money's Worth on a Great Diamond!

Buying a diamond can be one of the most important and intimidating purchases you ever make. Whether you're getting engaged or married, or are buying for an anniversary, investment, or just because, How to Buy a Diamond will take the pressure and uncertainty out of your purchase, and will show you how to get the best diamond for your money.

Newly revised and completely updated, How to Buy a Diamond is the only book on the market to include wholesalers' secret pricing charts athat you, the public, never get to see. The charts are broken down by carat, clarity, and color—including the various types of color within each color grade.

Important sections include:

• Matching your funds with the perfect diamond
• The four C's explained: clarity, color, cut and carat size
• Ring styles and settings
• Insuring and caring for your diamond
• Picking the right jeweler
• Grade bumping: what it is and how to spot it
• Surprising new changes to guild stores
• Jewelers' tricks of the trade
• Wholesalers' secret pricing charts!


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Shortcut

Chapter 1: The 4 Cs
Carat Weight
Proportions Made Easy
Proportion and Price
GIA Classes of Cuts
The 61 Percent Factor
Artificial Lighting
Super Cuts
High-Definition Diamonds
Proportion Questionnaire Sheet

Chapter 2: Cost
Diamond Price Tables
Buying Shy
Buying Shy Endangered Price List
To Thine Own Self Be True
Buying Guide by Customer Type
Too Good to Be True

Chapter 3: Ring Settings
Adding Color
A Word about Gold
…And Platinum
Palladium VP

Chapter 4: Picking the Jeweler

Jeweler Questionnaire Sheet
Who's Your Jeweler, and How Do They Categorize You?
Fully Bonded Jewelers
Who Will Help Me Now?
The Gift of Jewelry
Gift Questionnaire Sheet
The New York Diamond District
Disposable Jewelry
Buying Diamonds on the Internet
Certifiable? Lab-Grading Reports
GIA's Bribery Scandal
Fine Print
Real versus "Fake" Diamonds
The Imposters
Making the Purchase

Chapter 5: Tricks of the Trade
Blue Diamond Blues
The "50% Off " Sale
"Certified": A Dirty Word in Today's Market
Bait and Switch
Is White Really White?
Grade Bumping/Soft Grades
The Fraction Scam
The Old Switcheroo
The Sandbagger
The Vanishing Act
The Dirty Dozen
Inscription Deception
Pillow Tops
The "True Weight" of Diamonds
Diamond Mysteries

Chapter 6: Common Myths about Diamonds

Chapter 7: After the Purchase
Dirty Diamonds
Dos and Don'ts
Some Final Suggestions
Cleaning Your Diamond
Jewelry Care Guide

Chapter 8: "Will You Marry Me?"
Planning the Perfect Proposal
Five Proposal Styles
Soul Mate or Cell Mate?
Crack the Case on Your Boyfriend's Proposal Plans
For Men Only
For Women Only

Chapter 9: Buying Your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Diamond
New Marriage
Replacement Diamond
Diamond Upgrades
Special Occasions and Gifts

Chapter 10: How to Sell a Diamond
Step 1: Appraisal 247
Step 2: Rapaport Value 248
Step 3: Buyers 248
Antique or "Estate" Jewelry 251

Chapter 11: Anniversaries and Occasions

Inside the Diamond Business
Appendix A: The Alphabet Rules
Appendix B: Carat Size Charts
Appendix C: Glossary of Terms
Appendix D: Diamond Guy Q&A
Appendix E:
Getting into Shape
Appendix F: Wedding Traditions
Appendix G:
One Guy's Opinion
About the Author



My first experience with diamonds, long before I became a gemologist and diamond merchant, happened for the best of all reasons: I was a young man in lov


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