If You Give a T-Rex a Bone

ISBN: 9781584690986

Published: 01/01/2013

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Learn about over twelve kinds of dinosaurs in this hilarious dinosaur facts book for kids! Perfect for storytime, your family library, or elementary school classroom.

A young boy is having a really tough day during the time of the dinosaurs, but don't worry, the narrator is here to help … and to tell you all of the ways you should probably run very far away! Read along and be introduced to all kinds of dinos, from the T-Rex, dimetrodon, to kronosaurus, with fun facts and hilarious suggestions on each page. Looking for dinosaur books for kids 5-7, funny books for second graders, or STEM books for kids? This is the perfect book for you.

If you give a T. rex a bone, he's gonna be mad.
But if you run from a T. rex, you may be in trouble. They like to chase things; it's what they do. Try dodging into the underbrush where he can't see you. After a couple hours he'll probably stop looking.

Educational backmatter includes:
  • Dinosaur facts for kids with all of the dinos mentioned in the book
  • Activities like dino flashcards, dino storytime, and a game of "What Am I?"
  • Books and online resources about dinosaurs
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