Inside All

ISBN: 9781584691129

Published: 09/01/2008

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The perfect earth day book for kids, this story also conveys to each and every child on this earth that "you belong here."

Inside All is a story of the universe and each person's connection to it. In this inspiring planet earth book for kids, the sense of belonging and connection to nature will have all children discovering an appreciation for the world around us!

This is a comforting bedtime book that will reassure little ones that every one of them is connected to the world both physically and mystically. They belong, and are part of something meaningful. The story is a simple nesting doll like journey. With a few well chosen words and rich suggestive illustrations, the reader is taken from the outer edges of the universe to a planet, a village, a home, a room, into the heart of a warm, sleepy child, and finally to an awareness of love that somehow encompasses it all. We each have our place inside the All, and the All has its place inside each of us. This little book succeeds in bringing the idea of interconnectedness and universality to a level young children can understand.



Format: Paperback

Length: 9 in
Width: 10.5 in
Weight: 0.00 oz
Page Count: 32 pages


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