Introvert Power

ISBN: 9781402280887

By: Laurie Helgoe

Published: 02/01/2013

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"Vivid and engaging."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Embrace the Power Inside You

It's no wonder that introversion is making headlines—half of all Americans are introverts. But if that describes you—are you making the most of your inner strength?

Psychologist and introvert Laurie Helgoe unveils the genius of introversion. Introverts gain energy and power through reflection and solitude. Our culture, however, is geared toward the extrovert. The pressure to get out there and get happier can lead people to think that an inward orientation is a problem instead of an opportunity.

Helgoe shows that the exact opposite is true: introverts can capitalize on this inner source of power. Introvert Power is a blueprint for how introverts can take full advantage of this hidden strength in daily life.

Revolutionary and invaluable, Introvert Power includes ideas for how introverts can learn to:

•Claim private space
•Bring a slower tempo into daily life
•Deal effectively with parties, interruptions, and crowds

Quiet is might. Solitude is strength. Introversion is power.

"A modern-day Thoreau."—Stephen Bertman, author of The Eight Pillars of Greek Wisdom


Table of Contents


Preface to the Second Edition


America the Extroverted

Introversion for All—or None

The Big Lie

Reviving Your Introversion

What’s Inside

Introvert Voices

Part I: Antisocial, Weird, or Displaced?

Chapter 1: The Mistaken Identity

The Opposite of Social Is Not Antisocial

The Opposite of Social Is Not Introverted

We Are Not Snobs

Introversion Is Not a Diagnosis

The Abandonment of the Internal

We Are Introverts

Chapter 2: Alone Is Not a Four-Letter Word

The Culture of More

The Threat of Solitude

Introversion Interrupted

The Fear of Solitude

The Courage to Be Alone

Chapter 3: Becoming an Alien

Alien Society or Alien Self?

Shadow Dwellers: Goths, Geeks, and Fantasy Freaks

No Place to Hide: The Accessible Introvert

The Setup

The Third Option

Chapter 4: “Anyone Else IN?”

The Extroversion Assumption

Finding Introverts

A New Assumption

Where the (Inner) Action Is

My Space in Cyberspace

Chapter 5: The Get-Happier Mandate

Put on a Happy Face

Unhappy Pursuit

The Right to Pursue Answers

Happy to Fit In

The “S” Word

Inventing Depression, Prescribing Happiness

The Downside of Up

I’ll Have What I’m Having

Part II: The Introvert’s Wish List

Chapter 6: Meditating with the Majority:
The Introverted Society

Norden: Private and Proud

Japan: Manners over Mouth


Chapter 7: A Room of Your Own

Your Dream Room

From Dream to Real

Room Outside

Office Space

Chapter 8: The Time to Think

Time Poverty

The Ticking Bomb Model

From Deadline to Birth Time

Nature’s Rhythm, Society’s Rhythm

The Rhythm of Introversion

Chapter 9: The Right to Retreat

What Is a Retreat?

How Do I Know When to Go?

A Society in Search of Introversion

Overruling the Objections

Retreat Dreams


Chapter 10: The Freedom of a Flaneur

The Artist’s Eye

Among, Yet Alone

Flâneurie 101

Your Invisibility Cloak

Chapter 11: Inroads to Intimacy

Intimacy through Ideas

Sticking It Out

Going Deep

Part III: Standing Still in a Loud World

Chapter 12: The Conversation Conundrum

The Risk of Playing

Slowing It Down

Conversation Preparation

Music to Our Ears

Chapter 13: The Anti-Party Guide

“No” Is an Option

Pros and Cons

Establishing Your Terms

Introverting at the Party

Chapter 14: Why Did I Want to Work with People?

Doing Versus Thinking

What is Work?

A Culture of Interruption

Introvert Exploitation

Changing Your Mind

Idea Inc

Leading, Introvert-Style

Chapter 15: The Downside to Self-Containment

The Lonely Hearth

A Limited View


Stale Air

Loss of Community

Chapter 16: Showing Up for Relationships

The Problem of Family

Introversion and Intimacy

Loving Our Extroverts

Relationship Assessment

Part IV: Outing the Introvert

Chapter 17: From Apology to Acceptance—and Beyond

Apologies, Explanations, and Excuses

The Place for Apology

Introvert Integrity

Chapter 18: Celebrating Introversion

Life in the Dark

Introverts Are Cool

Wide Receivers

The Yin Celebration

Chapter 19: Expressing What’s In There

Writing It Out

Beyond Words

Having the Stage

Introversion Diversions

Chapter 20: Moshing on Your Own Terms

Meeting Your Opposite

Learning from Our Extroverts

Organic Expansion

Extroverting for Energy

The Paradox of the Pit

Chapter 21: Introvert Power

Tribute to an Introvert

Meditating in Your Mosh Pit



About the Author



“Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.” —Walt Whitman

If you haven’t been to a mosh pit, you’v


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“Immersed in research and chock full of compelling stories, Introvert Power is essential reading for introverts as well as their more extroverted friends, family, and coworkers.&r...

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