The Last Lie

ISBN: 9781492693338

Published: 08/01/2020

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In the powerful conclusion to the award-winning List duology, Letta must return from exile to fight for the people of Ark, even if it may cost her everything. Perfect for fans of The Giver, The Last Lie is a dystopian adventure for tweens and teens and an important commentary on censorship, language, and the pursuit of freedom.

If babies never hear a single word, they will never learn to speak.

The battle for Ark seems to be over… but it was only the beginning. Letta has taken refuge with the rebels, and spends her days as a teacher, introducing young children words that never should have been lost. It is dangerous work, but Letta knows that being able to express yourself is what makes us human.

But the new ruler of Ark is even crueler than her predecessor, and Letta is horrified to find that they are stealing babies so they can get rid of language once and for all: if babies never hear a single word, they will never learn to speak.

Letta and the other rebels must find a way to defeat the evil for good before they lose the very thing that will set them free.

Pick up the List duology if you are looking for:
  • The perfect tool to discuss censorship and freedom of speech with young readers
  • A gripping, fast-moving story that will appeal to 5th grade readers and above, especially 10 year old girls that will love the strong character of Letta and tweens 11-14
  • A discussion starter on the importance of language and the power of expression, and what it means for society
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    “A compelling speculative premise helmed by a realistic female protagonist. ” - Kirkus Reviews

    “[Trips] along at a compelling pace, while al...

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    Format: Hardcover

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