Lincoln on Law, Leadership, and Life

ISBN: 9781492613985

By: Jonathan White

Published: 03/24/2015

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Wisdom and stories from one of America's most unique legal minds

Abraham Lincoln's success as a politician was rooted in experience in the courtroom. Despite a presidency plagued with moral and legal crises, this self-taught prairie lawyer deftly led the nation by relying on the core principles he honed in his early career: honestly, self-discipline, and a powerful sense of social responsibility. Aspiring and practicing lawyers alike often looked to Lincoln for guidance—and his hard-won wisdom is as relevant today as ever.

Drawn from his correspondence with aspiring attorneys as well as observations from friends and colleagues, Lincoln on Law, Leadership, and Life is an insightful collection of Lincoln's timeless quotes, quips, and stories.

"This should be required reading in every law school in America."—Frank J. Williams, retired Chief Justice, Rhode Island Supreme Court, and founding chair of The Lincoln Forum.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: “If You Wish to Be a Lawyer”

Lincoln’s Advice to Aspiring Lawyers

Chapter 2: “Resolve to Be Honest at All Events”

Lincoln’s Character as a Lawyer

Chapter 3: “Discourage Litigation”

Lincoln’s Advice to His Clients

Chapter 4: “Leave Nothing for To-morrow Which Can Be Done To-day”

Lincoln’s Preparation for Trial

Chapter 5: “On Rising to Address the Jury”

Lincoln in the Courtroom

Chapter 6: “All the Laws but One”

A Lawyer in the White House

Epilogue: “Reverence for the Laws”

A Note on Sources


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In October 1857, Abraham Lincoln defended a seventy-year-old woman named Melissa Goings, who was on trial for the murder of her husband. Melissa and her seventy-seven-year-old h


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“This little book can be read in a couple of hours and enjoyed by anyone - particularly lawyers, law students, and those contemplating attending law school.” - The Fed...

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