Lincoln’s Wrath

ISBN: 9781402207556

By: Jeffrey ManberNeil Dahlstrom

Published: 11/01/2006

War, riots and the trial of the century.

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In the blistering summer of 1861, President Lincoln began pressuring and ordering the physical shutdown of any Northern newspaper that voiced opposition to the war. These attacks were sometimes carried out by soldiers, sometimes by angry mobs under cover of darkness. Either way, the effect was a complete dismantling of the free press. In the midst stood publisher John Hodgson, an angry bigot so hated that a local newspaper gleefully reported his defeat in a bar fight. He was also firmly against Lincoln and the war--an opinion he expressed loudly through his newspaper. When his press was destroyed, first by a mob, then by U.S. Marshals “upon authority of the President of the United States,” Hodgson decided to take on the entire United States. Thus began a trial in which one small-town publisher risked imprisonment or worse, and the future of free speech hung in the balance. Based on 10 years of original research, Lincoln's Wrath brings to life one of the most gripping, dramatic and unknown stories of U.S. history.

About the Author

Neil Dahlstrom

Neil Dahlstrom is a noted historian and scholar and has written on many topics of nineteenth-century America, including the Civil War. He lives in Moline, Illinois. Jeffrey Manber has published more than 50 articles in publications such as the New York Times and has been interviewed on CNN and other networks. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Newspaper President
Chapter 2: That Tory Hodgson
Chapter 3: Strange Bedfellows Between Newspaper Sheets
Chapter 4: Loyalty at Any Cost
Chapter 5: Summer of Rage
Chapter 6: The Jeffersonian Is Mobbed
Chapter 7: The Cost of Their Convictions
Chapter 8: Hodgson vs. the Government
Chapter 9: The Government Conspiracy
Chapter 10: Fear
Chapter 11: Mere Trespassers
Chapter 12: Repercussions


“” - Publishers Weekly

“In All the Laws but One (1998), the late William Rehnquist examined the legal propriety of Lincoln’s suspension of...

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