Literature Activities Teens Actually Love

ISBN: 9781618211682

Published: 03/15/2014

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Instead of asking literature to meet the entertainment, cultural, and of course educational needs of today’s youth, Literature Activities Teens Actually Love offers activities that empower teachers to guide students to work with literature in order to rediscover the joys it holds. Through a variety of innovative and highly engaging projects, this book will develop a new lens through which to view literature and its study, with activities that are at once highly entertaining yet encourage higher order thinking skills and strategies. Lesson plans incorporating alternatives as diverse as Facebook and quilting show how teachers and students can bridge the technology gap by finding creative solutions to traditional academic problems. By allowing students to use their technological skills to move from print to non-print assessments, students will have the opportunity to explore the text with a greater degree of ownership over the process, resulting in autonomous learners.

About the Author

Lisa Lukens

Beth Ahlgrim, Bill Fritz, Jeremy Gertzfield, and Lisa Lukens collectively have more than 75 years of teaching experience. They taught together at Adlai Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL, from 2003–2010. Their focus is on purposeful, effective, and authentic assessments with the primary goal of creating independent readers who have the reading stamina and ability to navigate any text.



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