Lost’s Buried Treasures

ISBN: 9781402246234

By: Lynnette PorterDavid Lavery

Published: 01/01/2010

Now in its third edition, the bestselling Lost's Buried Treasures is the ultimate unauthorized guide to this phenomenonally popular show, providing fans with all the essential details in one easy volume.

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The Ultimate Unauthorized Resource to the Stories Behind Lost
Lost is a complex and mysterious tale, one that draws on many sources for its themes and ideas—sources you must understand to become an advanced Lost expert. Lost’s Buried Treasures is the ultimate unauthorized guide to the ideas that have influenced the show and its writers—and is completely updated through Season Five.

   Books and movies important to the show and how they are connected
   Geographical clues
   New and old theories
   Musical references and the meaning behind the incredible soundtrack
   The best online resources
   The video and role-playing games and what they’ve revealed
   Cast, writer, and director biographies
   And much more

NO TRUE LOST FAN SHOULD EVER WATCH AN EPISODE WITHOUT THIS CRUCIAL GUIDE IN HAND. Explore all the interconnected stories and mysterious references that make the show so fascinating.

DISCLAIMER: This book is an independent work of commentary, criticism, and scholarship. Neither this book, nor its author and publisher, are authorized, endorsed or sponsored by, or affiliated in any way with the copyright and trademark owner of Lost and/or the creators of Lost.

About the Author

Lynnette Porter

Lynnette Porter is an associate professor in humanities and has been chosen to lead the Lost Wikia community. She lives in Daytona, Florida.

David Lavery

David Lavery is the author of nine books, including studies of Twin Peaks, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Hillary Robson is an academic advisor at Middle Tennessee State University.


Table of Contents

A Note About Documentation
Chapter One: Lost Reading and Viewing
Is There an (Ancestor) Text on This Island?
Books in the Narrative: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret | Bad Twin | The Bible | Book of Law | A Brief History of Time | The Brothers Karamazov | Carrie | Catch-22 | Everything That Rises Must Converge | The Fountainhead | The Gunslinger | The Invention of Morel | Lancelot | Laughter in the Dark | “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” | Our Mutual Friend | A Separate Reality | The Third Policeman | The Turn of the Screw | Ulysses | VALIS | Watership Down | A Wrinkle in Time | Y: The Last Man
Ancestor Texts: Alice in Wonderland | “The Damned Thing” | Gilgamesh | The Little Prince | Lord of the Flies | Moby-Dick | The Mysterious Island | The Odyssey | Of Mice and Men |“A Psychological Shipwreck” | Robinson Crusoe | Solaris | The Stand | Stranger in a Strange Land | Walden Two
Must-See TV and Essential Movies: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. | Alias | Back to the Future | Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly | Cast Away | Crossing Jordan | Disaster Movies| Fantasy Island | Forbidden Planet | Fringe | Gilligan’s Island | Jurassic Park | Lost Horizon | Nash Bridges | The Prisoner | Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi | Survivor | To Kill a Mockingbird | The Twilight Zone | Twin Peaks | The Wizard of Oz | The X-Files

Chapter Two: Lost Playlist
The Musical Castaways | Choosing the Right Song for the Scene | Channeling the Dead | Making the Band | Geronimo Jackson | DriveShaft | DriveShaft’s and Charlie’s Real-World Popularity | The Genius of Michael Giacchino | Soundtracks for Seasons One–Four | The Significance of an Effective Soundtrack

Chapter Three: Between the Lines: Lost and Popular Culture
Why Is Popular Culture So Important? | The Hurley-Sawyer Connection | The Power of Popular Culture | Lost as Reflector and Creator of Popular Culture

Chapter Four: Waking the Dead
The Meaning of Death | Season Six: The Zombie Season | Jacob | Apparitions | Death Becomes Them | Prophetic Dreams and Visions | Those Who Seek the Dead | Special or Insane?

Chapter Five: The Significance of Place
Hometowns and Special Places | Common Destinations | Hawaii as a Character | Around Honolulu | The Art of Selecting Locations and Dressing Sets

Chapter Six: Lost Questions without Answers

Chapter Seven: Behind the Scenes
Lost Actors | Lost Writers | Lost Directors

Chapter Eight: Top Tens
Ten Books/Essays to Read about Lost | Top Ten Movies and Television Series for Lost Fans | Top Ten Lost Websites | Top Ten Lost Episodes: Keepers and Those to Throw Back

Lost Episode Guide
About the Authors


Excerpt from Chapter One

Is There an (Ancestor) Text on This Island?

Even before the library in the Swan Hatch, entered for the first time in “Man of


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