Math Warm-Ups Grade 3

ISBN: 9781593631048

Published: 01/01/2005

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These success-proven exercises provide daily practice in various areas of math. There are 10 problems per page that reinforce and facilitate conceptual understanding in number sense, math reasoning, computation, time, money, measurement, geometry, probability, graphing, fractions, and decimals. The exercises systematically provide students opportunities to get practice in the most important math objectives each week and provide the teacher with immediate, easy-to-administer feedback of students' mastery. This workbook can be used as a warm-up, homework, or as a diagnostic tool for the teacher, parent, or administrator. The individual pages can be used to diagnose weak areas and provide opportunities to facilitate the student’s full understanding of concepts. Students are challenged and consistently exposed to a variety of concepts in all objective areas. Each book spirals in level of difficulty and continues to encourage students to think about math in real-life situations. For math proficiency activities at alternative levels, see Math Warm-Ups Grade 2 and Math Warm-Ups Grade 4. This series meets NCTM standards and builds test-taking proficiency.



Format: Paperback

Length: 10.98 in
Width: 8.52 in
Weight: 8.60 oz
Page Count: 82 pages


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