ISBN: 9781402212154

By: Dorothy Rich

Published: 07/01/2008

Designed for children ages 6 and above, this cornerstone guide provides parents with hands-on techniques and fun activities to teach children the MegaSkills that will give them school and life success.

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"MegaSkills is a remarkable achievement . . . what it means is that parents across the country are willing to stand' shoulder to shoulder with teachers in ensuring that our children have the best possible education." - Don Cameron, former Executive Director, National Education Association The classic guide to childhood achievement, taught in more than 4,000 schools. Specially designed for school-aged children, this cornerstone guide provides you with hands-on techniques and kid-friendly activities to teach children the MegaSkills that are essential to success in school and life: Confidence Motivation Effort Responsibility Initiative Perseverance Caring Teamwork Problem-Solving Common Sense Focus Respect NEW! Along with the age-specific activities, this guide contains academic objectives for each MegaSkill, tips for getting the best from technology, MegaSkills report cards for parents and children, research notes, and a wealth of additional resources. Includes message from Bill Bradley. "This book shows families how to build children's achievement, and it is keyed to current research." - Richard Coley, Director, Policy Information Center Educational Testing Service

About the Author

Dorothy Rich Rich

Dorothy Rich, EdD, is founder and president of the nonprofit Home and School Institute (HSI), based in Washington, DC. An acclaimed expert in family educational involvement, Dr. Rich is the author of the original MegaSkills publications and the developer of the MegaSkills training programs, used by more than four thousand schools across the United States and abroad. In her lifetime of work in the field, she has focused on helping families and educators team together to build achievement in school and beyond. Dorothy Rich's work has received the A+ for Breaking the Mold Award from the U.S. Department of Education, as well as recognition from the MacArthur Foundation and other distinguished foundations. Her work has been researched, tested, and found to be effective in raising student achievement, decreasing discipline problems, increasing time spent on homework, and decreasing time spent watching TV. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NBC's Today, Education Week, ABC's Good Morning America, and Reader's Digest. Beverly Mattox, MEd, an active educator for over fifty years, has served as a teacher, principal, project director, and training specialist. She has collaborated with Dorothy Rich since 1972. As a speaker and workshop leader, she has conducted programs for school systems and organizations in twenty-six states and Canada. Two of her special interests are parenting and women's friendships. She has addressed more than four hundred groups and has completed doctoral course work in the areas of curriculum supervision and family counseling. She has served as an adjunct professor for four colleges, as a reviewer for the Journal of Staff Development, and contributor to the Standards for Staff Development. Beverly authored Getting It Together, a primer for understanding Kohlberg's theory of cognitive moral development, and co-authored with Dorothy Rich 101 Activities for School-Community Involvement. She serves on the board of directors of Agape Inc., an organization that services the needs of young mothers and their children.


Table of Contents

MegaSkills: Information-Age Basics
More Than Ever, Our Children Need MegaSkills
The Joy of Learning: A Message from Dorothy Rich
A Message from Bill Bradley
What’s New in This Edition
Opening New Doors

MegaSkills: The Stuff Achievement Is Made Of
1. MegaSkills and Our Children
2. First Steps: The MegaSkills Program and How It Works
3. Knowing What We’re Teaching: MegaSkills and Academics

Teaching MegaSkills at Home: What to Do and How to Do It
(For a chapter-by-chapter listing of the MegaSkills “home-learning” activities, with academic objectives and children’s ages indicated, see Appendix E, beginning on page 319.)
4. MegaSkills and the TechnologyConnection
5. MegaSkill One: Confidence
6. MegaSkill Two: Motivation
7. MegaSkill Three: Effort
8. MegaSkill Four: Responsibility
9. MegaSkill Five: Initiative
10. MegaSkill Six: Perseverance
11. MegaSkill Seven: Caring
12. MegaSkill Eight: Teamwork
13. MegaSkill Nine: Common Sense
14. MegaSkill Ten: Problem Solving
15. MegaSkill Eleven: Focus
16. MegaSkill Twelve: Respect

Readiness to Learn: Translating “Educational Goals” into Practical Action at Home
17. Getting Ready for School: We Have a Little List
18. The Three R’s: Before School

Strengthening the Three R’s at Home
Introduction: MegaSkills and the Three R’s: The Chicken and the Egg
19. Reading: Moving Along with Books
20. Writing: Everyone Can Do It
21. Math: No More Excuses
22. Transitions: To the Teen Years

The MegaSkills Support Network: People Helping People
Introduction: Beacons in the Fog
23. Parent to Parent: Looking to Each Other for Help
24. Grandparents: MegaSkills Across the Generations
25. Parents and At Home Child Care: Making Sure Sitters Do More Than Sit
26. Parents and Teachers: Superpowers, Not Superhuman
27. Single Parents and the Schools: Making the Connection
28. Parents and Students: Helping Children Feel More at Home in School

Creativity: The Spark and theSatisfaction
Introduction: A Sense of Balance
29. The “Right Brain” at Home
30. Inspiration and Perspiration

MegaSkills: Powerful and Surprising
31. Secrets of MegaSkills
32. Critical Resources for the Twenty-first Century— Schoolabilities and Employabilities

A: Seeing Children’s MegaSkills in Action
B: MegaSkills Measure: A Quiz for Parents
C: The MegaSkills Library for Children
D: Internet Resources and Help for Parents
E. MegaSkills “Recipes,” Chapter by Chapter, by Age Range and Academic Objective
F. MegaSkills’ Impact Over the Years

About the Author


Excerpt from Chapter 1
MegaSkills and Our Children

Raising and Educating Children Today
Being a parent has never been easy, but it wasn’t always this hard either. No longer can most of ...

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