More Charlotte Mason Education

ISBN: 9781891400179

By: Catherine Levison

Published: 03/01/2001

A perfect companion to her first book, More Charlotte Mason Education will continue to guide your family down an enjoyable and successful path of home schooling.

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Thousands of home educators benefited from the practical ideas contained in Catherine Levison’s primer, A Charlotte Mason Education. Now Catherine takes an in-depth journey offering even more ideas for implementing the popular methods of Charlotte Mason into home schooling. In this concise and practical guide, Levison presents the key points of Charlotte Mason’s methods as contained in her six-volume series. A perfect companion to her first book, More Charlotte Mason Education will continue to guide your family down an enjoyable and successful path of home schooling. “Catherine [did] and excellent job of conveying Charlotte Mason’s ideas in a user friendly format. Quoting frequently from Mason’s work, Levison explains and clarifies Mason’s ideas while also adding her own ideas resulting from her years of experience teaching this way in a home schooling setting. I found these books extremely practical and thoughtful.” --Cathy Duffy, author of the Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manuals “After providing an excellent “how-to manual” for the different school subjects in her first book, A Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine Levison has expanded on it in her new book, More Charlotte Mason Education. In this book Levison tackles some important issues that Charlotte Mason users encounter. My favorites include: What are the Liberal Arts? How Short Lessons are Applied and High School. She closes the book with helpful guidelines for further study.” --Maggie Dail, MA, Master Teacher of a Charlotte Mason School, Education Consultant of Master Enterprises Learning Center “In More Charlotte Mason Education, Catherine shares at a deeper level…hints, practical how-to’s, inspiring quotations, and the rich and uplifting philosophy for which this approach to education has become well known. She shares with us the depth of her understanding on the many aspects of education she has experienced. The section on coping strategies for crises shows me that she is speaking from what she has learned from the lessons of life. Not only does she empathize, but she makes me feel comfortable with doing what needs to be done just to live, while still nurturing my children.” --Tina Farewell, Lifetime Books & Gifts

About the Author

Catherine Levison


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:Charlotte Mason the Person
Chapter 2:An Overview of the Charlotte Mason Method
Chapter 3:What are the Liberal Arts?
Chapter 4:How Short Lessons are Applied
Chapter 5:Segment Planning
Chapter 6:Keeping a Century Book
Chapter 7:A Sample Term
Chapter 8:Curriculum Choosing
Chapter 9:High School
Chapter 10:Coping Strategies
Chapter 11:Book Selection
Chapter 12:Charlotte Mason Method in the Classroom
Chapter 13:Questions and Answers
-Learning Styles
-Frugal Home Schooling
-Avoiding Twaddle
-Charlotte Mason Support Groups
Chapter 14:For Further Study
-Sample Schedules
-Book and Supply List
-Recommended Books and Resources
-Charlotte Mason Parents’ Resources


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