My Dog Gets a Job

ISBN: 9781492680895

By: Elizabeth Fensham

Published: 07/02/2019

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Eric knows better than anyone that having a puppy can take a lot of work. As the (mostly) responsible owner of a big, shaggy dog named Ugly, Eric has basically mastered the art of dog training. At least, he thought he had.

When Ugly gets into a series of mishaps, including the theft of a roast chicken and a bedroom decorated with slimy duck poop, Eric’s family is less than pleased. It’s clear Eric and Ugly still have some work to do. So Eric comes up with a genius plan—get Ugly a job! That way, he won’t have time to get into trouble. But it's not as easy as Eric thinks...

See where Eric and Ugly’s story began in My Dog Made Me Write This Book!



Format: Paperback

Length: 7.5 in
Width: 5.25 in
Weight: 0.00 oz
Page Count: 192 pages


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