Mystery of Merlin and the Gruesome Ghost

ISBN: 9781402221170

By: Nate EvansPaul HindmanVince Evans

Published: 10/01/2008

Rat is going to have to go to school. Not to any school, no matter who runs it or how cool it is. That is, until Humpty is called to the school to investigate a ghost, and Merlin tells Rat he might be the one to finally pull the sword from the stone.

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Guaranteed to crack you up!

Bacon and Eggs walk into a diner. The waitress says, "We don't serve breakfast."
(This has nothing to do with this book.)

All kids have to go to school, even detectives' sidekicks. But Rat really doesn't want to. That is, until he finds out that he might be King Arthur reborn and gets invited to join Merlin's Institute for the Knowledge of Everything. But there is a problem. Princess Lily, Humpty and Rat's new friend, claims there is a ghost haunting the school. And not just any ghost one that eats magic! Can our three heroes banish the ghost from the school? Or will the ghost splatter and scramble Humpty and his friends?

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About the Author

Nate Evans

Nate Evans has illustrated over 35 books, and written a few more, including several picture books co-authored with Laura Numeroff. The latest of these is the New York Times Bestseller "The Jellybeans and the Big Dance," illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. Nate currently lives in Georgia with his wonderful wife and three goofy dogs.

Paul W Hindman

Paul Hindman lives in Boulder, Colorado. He has been scribbling stories ever since he learned how to write in 2nd Grade.
His words have been published by Random House (Dragon Bones), aired on PBS (Zoobilee Zoo), and produced by Warner Brothers (Rainbow Brite and the Star-Stealer).
Paul spent much of his childhood in Seoul, Korea and Bangkok, Thailand, as well as many other alien lands like Denton, Texas.
Paul was an Editor at Hallmark Cards before co-creating the team of Evans and Hindman in 1984.

Vince Evans

Vince Evans started his artistic training by copying his big brother Nate’s drawings. Vince has worked for numerous comic and book companies, and has won the Spectrum Silver Award for excellence in comic art. This book marks the first professional collaboration with his brother.
Existing solely on a diet of instant coffee and kidney beans, Vince lives with his beautiful
wife Laurie and has two dogs that have been trained to beg editors to extend deadlines and bark when he falls asleep while working.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Gloom and Doom
Chapter 2: The Frozen Lily
Chapter 3: Journey Underground
Chapter 4: The Musty Magician
Chapter 5: Nurse Punnymany
Chapter 6: Morphing Madness
Chapter 7: Of Swords and Snotswarths
Chapter 8: The Gruesome Ghost
Chapter 9: Lord Feathergrimm
Chapter 10: Another Ghost?
Chapter 11: Pass de Dukes
Chapter 12: No Flushing Flush
Chapter 13: "There Are No Ghosts"
Chapter 14: Ghost Busted
Chapter 15: "Stupid, Stupid Boy"
Chapter 16: A Wart by Any Other Name
Chapter 17: Wand and Sword
Chapter 18: The Full-of-Hot Heir
Chapter 19: Another Secret
Chapter 20: Once, and Future
Chapter 21: The Queen



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Page Count: 128 pages


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