Out of Our Minds

ISBN: 9781618216007

By: Craig B. HowleyAimee HowleyEdwina Pendarvis

Published: 12/01/2016

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This second edition of the often-cited book on anti-intellectualism, Out of Our Minds, focuses on U.S. schools' failure to care for the intellects and talents of all children, gifted children in particular. The revision comprises 10 chapters: (1) what is intellect and why is it important?; (2) the failure to cultivate intellect in American schooling; (3) intellectualism and anti-intellectualism among teachers; (4) families and credentialism; (5) the anti-intellectual university: (6) the anti-intellectual media: (7) anti-intellectual programming for the gifted; (8) ethics, justice, equality, and intellect; (9) where might an intellectual education reside?; and (10) what might an intellectual education look like? The authors provocatively examine issues of poverty, racism, and sexism and look at new information on the roles of higher education, media and technology, privatization, families, and the global economy as they pertain to the education of students in American schools.

About the Author

Edwina D. Pendarvis

Craig Howley, Ed.D., writer-editor for WordFarmers Associates, retired from Ohio University. He studies educational scale, rural education, and intellect and talent development. Aimee Howley, Ph.D., founder and lead researcher for WordFarmers Associates, conducts educational research and evaluation with a focus on inclusive education. She is also professor emerita at Ohio University, where she served as Senior Associate Dean of the Patton College of Education. Edwina Pendarvis continues to focus on education and Appalachian studies.



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