Over in the Grasslands

ISBN: 9781584695677

Published: 03/01/2016

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Learning becomes fun with this book about the Africa savanna! In Over in the Grasslands: On an African Savanna, amazing artwork will inspire children in classrooms and at home to appreciate ecology, environment and the world around us!

The perfect habitat book for kids, Over in the Grasslands teaches early learners about the animals of South Africa, and doubles as a fun, interactive, counting book for kids.

Come along on a safari! You'll meet lions and rhinos and hippos—oh, my! You'll also find elephants that squirt, giraffes that slurp, and hornbills that toot. Africa's savanna is home to a delightful diversity of animals. Kids will love to sing about them—and practice counting animals, too! Cut paper illustrations add to the discovery, highlighting some animals and hiding others. Safaris are fun! Information about the animals, a map of Africa, and tips from both the author and the illustrator on how to use this book with children round out a very helpful package.

Parents, teachers, gift givers, and many others will find:
  • backmatter that includes further information about the African savanna and the animals of that live in the grasslands
  • Music and song lyrics to "Over in the Grasslands: sung to the tune "Over in the Meadow"!
  • a book for young readers learning to count!
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    Format: Hardcover

    Length: 9 in
    Width: 10 in
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