Pemberley Manor

ISBN: 9781402218521

By: Kathryn Nelson

Published: 03/31/2009

While Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley might be expected to get on famously, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy will surely need to work on their communication skills.

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How does "happily ever after" really work?

With such different personalities, Darcy and Elizabeth surely need to work on their communication skills! Unlike Jane and Bingley, both of whom are easygoing and friendly, the Darcys are definitely a case where opposites attract.

Through their dramatic courtship, Lizzy finally saw through Darcy's rigid pride and sense of duty, and Darcy fell in love with Lizzy's sunny optimism and independence of spirit. Now that they're married, what will happen when their fundamentally different personalities reassert themselves? Uncover the true feelings of one of the world's most famous couples during their first year of marriage.


"A talented writer with a wonderful feel for Regency."
Mary Bracho, Loft Literary Center

"An absorbing read from the very first page."
Alison Aldridge, BBC Worldwide

"One to treasure. What a sumptuous book!"
Jane Odiwe, author of Lydia Bennet's Story



The morning that Jane and Elizabeth Bennet married Charles Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy might be seen by some as the end of a story of faltering and reviving passions, a tale of petty prides and


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It is almost scary how beautifully written this story is. Pemberley Manor was written as a continuation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It documents the wedding ceremonies of Elizabeth B...

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Format: Paperback

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Page Count: 400 pages


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