The Pony Whisperer

ISBN: 9781402239526

By: Janet Rising

Published: 06/01/2010

Pia has always told her pony everything…but now he’s talking back!

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Pia has always told her pony everything…but now he’s talking back! It’s hard being the new girl in town—new school, new stable, new rivalries. It seems Pia’s only friend is her pony, Drummer. But horses can’t talk…can they? Suddenly, all the horses are talking—to Pia! Now she can understand Drummer, and does he have a lot to say! Who knew this sweet-looking horse would have such an attitude. When news of Pia’s pony-whispering power spreads, her popularity grows and she finally feels like she belongs…that’s when everything starts to go wrong.



From Chapter One

Drummer looked at me and sighed. “What am I doing in this dump?” he seemed to say. I knew exactly how he felt. Ever since my mom and I had moved to our new house I had bee


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“This series is highly recommended. Each book is very good and entertaining, and I liked all of them. The characters felt wonderful, and the plots (for the most part) felt smooth and c...

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Format: Paperback

Length: 7.75 in
Width: 5.25 in
Weight: 8.56 oz
Page Count: 208 pages


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