Practical Meditation for Busy Souls

ISBN: 9781402210204

By: William AalMargo Adair

Published: 01/01/2008

The classic book on practical meditation, updated and revised.

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The classic book on practical meditation, updated and revised. Originally published in 1984, Practical Meditation for Busy Souls is one of the first books to bring pragmatic meditation techniques to westerners. Adair teaches the reader to use symbols that make meditation available to even the most restless and busy people. Adair has updated her original work to reflect the latest thinking on meditation and its applications, including updates to many meditations, updates and revisions to all chapters and new writing on using meditation to address social issues. The book includes more than 45 guided meditations. "Both pragmatic and visionary, this book is a must for people who are seriously determined to improve their lives."—Philip Slater, author of Pursuit of Loneliness: American Culture at the Breaking Point "A very important, common sense book about our awareness of ourselves and our responsibility to become what we can be. We should hear its message."—Vine Deloria Jr., author of Red Earth, White Lies

About the Author

Margo Adair

Margo Adair teaches applied meditation and tools for political analysis, leads support groups, works with individuals and does consulting. She has conducted workshops all over the country and Canada. Her second book, Meditations for Everything Under the Sun, was published in 2001. She lives in Seattle.


Table of Contents

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1.-Reawakening Inner Consciousness
2. -Bringing Meditation into Your Life
-Meditation:Relaxing into Well-Being: Working with Symbols
3. -Creating a Language to Speak to Your Deeper Self
-Internalizing a Quality
-Symbol-Making for Evoking Instant Alignment
-Breathing Out Tension and Opening Time
-Count Out
4. -The Nature of the Inner Dimension
-Stretching the Imagination
-Count Out
5.-It Is All Energy
-Mental Housecleaning
-Stretching Your Confidence into a New Area
-Fear As Challenge
-Active Imagination: Aligning Energies with a Positive Vision
-Count Out
6. -Tapping Universal Energies
-Running Energy: Centering for the Day
-Energy Circle
7. -We Are All Healers
-Vitality of Life
-Developing Rapport with Your Body
-Healing Attitudes
-Creating a Healthful Routine: Food, Rest, and Exercise
-Count Out
8. -Making Your Life Work for You
-Getting Free: Moving from Impasse to Insight
-Liberating Yourself: Transforming Defeating Messages
-Receptive Imagination Offers a Gift of Insight
-Count Out
9. -Spirit Lives in Relationship
-Integrity of Life
-Crystal Clear Communication
-Heart Song
-Count Out
10. -The World in Which We Live
-From Holding to Opening into Interbeing
-Toward a Balanced World: Distinguishing between Cravings and Needs
-Keeping the Faith
-Count Out
11. -Reclaiming Wholeness in Our World Secures the Future: Circles Are Our Safety Nets
-Circling Together through Time and Space
-Hope Ripplings
-Creating Shared Intent for Perilous Times
-Tree Wisdom: Patience, Endurance, Courage
-Exploring Consequence
-Liberating Ourselves
-Breaking the Constraints of “Normal”
-Group Care
-Caring Acts Heal the Future
-Count Out

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