Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom

ISBN: 9781618218650

By: Telannia NorfarChris Fancher

Published: 04/30/2019

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Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom (grades 6 - 10) explains how to keep inquiry at the heart of mathematics teaching and helps teachers build students' abilities to be true mathematicians. This book outlines basic teaching strategies, such as questioning and exploration of concepts. It also provides advanced strategies for teachers who are already implementing inquiry-based methods. Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom includes practical advice about strategies the authors have used in their own classrooms, and each chapter features strategies that can be implemented immediately. Teaching in a project-based environment means using great teaching practices. The authors impart strategies that assist teachers in planning standards-based lessons, encouraging wonder and curiosity, providing a safe environment where failure occurs, and giving students opportunities for revision and reflection.

About the Author

Telannia Norfar

Chris Fancher is an eighth-grade teacher at a public charter school in Texas. Telannia Norfar is a math teacher at an urban high school in Oklahoma. They are both National Faculty members for PBLWorks, where they facilitate training in project-based learning.



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