ISBN: 9781492660910

By: Claire Zorn

Published: 09/04/2018

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An inspiring and achingly honest story of a girl with the courage to endure, hope, and even heal in the face of unimaginable tragedy, perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen's Just Listen.

When Hannah’s sister dies in a car crash, she has to face some harsh truths:
1. Katie will always be fifteen, which means Hannah will become the older sister.
2. Hannah’s life has somehow become easier after Katie’s death. (No one wants to bully the girl whose sister died.)
3. Hannah’s testimony about what happened in the car that day is the only thing standing between her father and a possible criminal conviction.

Through her storm of grief, guilt, and silent suffering, something unexpected happens. Hannah meets a potential friend, possibly her first. But as the pressure to remember the events of the crash in time for her father’s trial comes to an all-time high, Hannah doesn’t know if she has the strength to open herself up to friendship, not when it could be just another cruel joke. Because if it is, Hannah’s not sure she can take it…

Praise for Protected:
"Zorn shows the devastating effects of bullying while affectingly tracing Hannah's spiritual journey, coming to terms with truths she doesn't want to face and learning how to trust. " —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
"Though the book tackles important issues, it reaches far beyond these flash points into a fully developed exploration of the aftermath of tragedy through strong characterization and genuine emotional appeal.”—Kirkus, Starred Review



Format: Paperback

Length: 8.25 in
Width: 5.5 in
Weight: 0.00 oz
Page Count: 288 pages


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