Proven Strategies That Really Work for Teaching Gifted and Advanced Learners

ISBN: 9781618214041

By: Gail RyserKathleen Fad

Published: 03/01/2015

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Proven Strategies That Really Work for Teaching Gifted and Advanced Learners is a collection of research-based strategies designed for advanced learners in cluster-grouped general education as well as those in self-contained classes for gifted students. The strategies focus on key areas of importance to educators, including assessment, content, instruction, and acceleration of learning. The book is not intended as a textbook, but rather is designed for educators who are looking for strategies they can implement in real-life situations. The strategies encompass a wide variety of topics. The accompanying forms and reproducibles are user-friendly resources designed to help teachers maximize their students’ learning. For educators who work with advanced learners, these materials should become a basic, “go-to” resource.

About the Author

Kathleen Fad Ph.D.

Gail Ryser, Ph.D., is director of the Testing, Research-Support, and Evaluation Center at Texas State University. She is an associate editor for Gifted Child Quarterly. She is the author of several tests and has written numerous articles related to gifted education, mathematics education, and measurement. Kathleen McConnell Fad, Ph.D., is a life-long educator who has worked as a classroom teacher, university professor, and consultant. Kathleen and Gail are the co-authors of the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (the SIGS).



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