Ready-to-Use Resources for Genius Hour in the Classroom

ISBN: 9781618219015

By: Andi McNair

Published: 11/01/2019

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Ready-to-Use Resources for Genius Hour in the Classroom provides practical advice and a wealth of hands-on resources for teachers to implement Genius Hour, or passion projects, in the classroom. This book:

  • Includes everything educators need to help students apply their learning and reach deep understanding.
  • Engages the six P’s of Genius Hour—passion, plan, pitch, project, product, and presentation.
  • Features built-in opportunities to to gamify the process.
  • Helps increase students’ critical thinking, creativity, and engagement.
  • Is a valuable standalone resource and companion to Genius Hour.

Students can "level up," earning badges and points, as they create, design, and carry out projects and develop ideas that impact their classroom, school, community, and world. Through the tools and tips provided, teachers will see Genius Hour as more than an hour, more than a strategy or activity separate from the regular curriculum. When implemented effectively, Genius Hour can be a more meaningful teaching and learning experience than any other.

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Andi McNair



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