The Real Science of Sex Appeal

ISBN: 9781492603122


Published: 01/06/2015

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Discover the astonishing science behind why love makes us so crazy

Did you know your walk, your scent, and even the food you eat can make you sexier? Or that there are scientifically proven ways to become more successful at dating? The team at HowStuffWorks.com reveals the steamy science of love and sex, from flirting to falling in love and everything in between. Packed with quizzes, sidebars, trivia, and more, this enticing book will help you discover:

• How aphrodisiacs and sex appeal work
• If love at first sight is scientifically possible
• Why breakup songs hurt so good…and so much more!



“A lighthearted look (quizzes, sidebars, and trivia are included) at how aphrodisiacs work, whether the phenomenon of love at first sight has any scientific basis, and why music is one o...

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Format: Paperback

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