The Rope Dancer

ISBN: 9781402255045

By: Roberta Gellis

Published: 05/01/2012

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"A master storyteller!"—RT Book Reviews She Bewitches With Her Dance... Carys's livelihood depends on her agility, beauty, and balance. She enchants crowds with her exhilarating rope dance, but one wrong move leads to disaster—a twisted ankle and no way to survive. Alone and unprotected in war–torn England, she has no one to trust but a handsome stranger—a man most unlikely to give up his wandering ways. He Enchants With His Song... Telor is a man skilled with his hands. A gifted musician who rejects city life to travel the country on his own terms—free of any master. Taking on an injured girl will only slow him down. But Carys's bold nature and haunted past intrigue him, and he soon discovers that beneath the beautiful exterior is a woman with a passion to rival his own. With over eight million books in print, award–winning author Roberta Gellis sets the standard for captivating medieval romance filled with passion and pageantry. Praise for The Rope Dancer: "An extremely entertaining and delightful tale with three of the most charming and unusual characters to come along in a great while."—Rebecca Brandewyne, bestselling author of Rose of Rapture

About the Author

Roberta Gellis

Roberta Gellis has written over 25 romances with over 1 million copies sold. Publishers Weekly called her a master of the medieval historical. Her many awards include the Silver and Gold Medal Porgy, the Golden Certificate and Golden Pen, and the RT Lifetime Achievement Award. She lives in Seattle, Washington.



Chapter 1

The red-yellow flames of fire, oil lamp, and torch painted golden the rivulets of sweat and tears that streaked Carys’s cheeks. Her breath came in tearing gasps, more


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