Seize the Fire

ISBN: 9781402246838

Published: 05/01/2010

Without each other, they might not survive, but their love threatens to tear them both apart…

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Praise for Laura Kinsale: “Magic and beauty flow from Laura Kinsale’s pen.” —Romantic Times “Readers should be enchanted.” —Publishers Weekly “One of the best writers in the history of the romance genre.” —All About Romance “Laura Kinsale delivers powerful, unique romance.” —Amanda Quick “A writer who always provides a triumphant novel.” —Affaire de Coeur An unlikely princess, exiled and innocent… Her Serene Highness Olympia of Oriens longs to return to her tiny, embattled land and lead her people in peace and equality. But with her evil uncle plotting against her, she needs a protector, and Captain Drake seems like the answer to her dreams… A war hero with hell to pay… Captain Sheridan Drake has fought his way to acclaim. Now destitute, desperate, and tortured by nightmares of the carnage he’s seen, he plans to steal Olympia’s jewels as well as her innocence, but is ignited by a passion so intense he can think of nothing but protecting her, even from himself… Without each other, they might not survive, but their love threatens to tear them both apart…

About the Author

Laura Kinsale

Laura Kinsale, a former geologist, is the New York Times bestselling author of Flowers from the Storm, The Prince of Midnight, and Seize the Fire. She and her husband divide their time between Santa Fe and Dallas.



It was hell being a hero. With the guns crashing and the deck a blind chaos of powder smoke, Captain Sheridan Drake wiped his sleeve across his eyes to clear away a crust of Mediterranean sweat


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Format: Paperback

Length: 8 in
Width: 5 in
Weight: 11.68 oz
Page Count: 456 pages


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