Single Girl’s Manifesta

ISBN: 9781402229794

By: Jerusha Stewart

Published: 11/01/2005

There are many advantages to the single life.

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Ever wonder why you're the last single girl among all your married girlfriends? Do you have a gorgeous, talented, witty daughter, sister or best friend who just can't seem to find the perfect mate? Don't stress, you - and that fabulous woman you know - have something in common with 96 million other Americans: You're single!

Let's face it: if you're single, it's because you CHOOSE to be, not because you're DOOMED to be. The Single Girl's Manifesta is glorious vindication for those who are not held captive - literally or figuratively - by the tyranny of the "We."

After author Jerusha Stewart found herself wondering about her own single status, she interviewed hundreds of compatriots across the country about their choice to remain single. Jerusha leaves no stone unturned as she explores the pleasures of single living. You may be the last single girl in your crowd, but you've saved the best for last!

The Single Girl's Manifesta lets readers in on how to:

  • Value being single
  • Not be daunted by dating mishaps
  • Manage life's milestones when you're unmarried
  • Banish the fear of buying a home, dining out, or traipsing 'round the world solo
  • Embrace the inner truths that lead you to finally answer the question "Why am I single?"

This outlandish ode to singles is packed with engaging quizzes, revitalizing rituals, sizzling love letters and a killer recipe for Morning-After French Toast. It's for the woman who has it all, without having to tie the knot. So the next time you and your girlfriends are about to indulge in another "poor, single me" conversation, open this book instead and jumpstart the sensational solo life you deserve!


Table of Contents

The Table of Self-Serving Contents


Step One. Be Revolutionary
Value Your Single-Mindedness

Chapter 1. Bypassing the Altar Can Be Life-Altering

Chapter 2. The Other Happy Ending, a.k.a. the Stupendously Superior Single State of Mind
My Not-So-Humble Beginnings
You Gotta Have Friends

Chapter 3. Cultivate the Single Sense
In Love with Living Single
Singles Must-Haves for Success
Singular Focus: Work and the Single Girl
Sensational Presents for a Singular Presence

Chatper 4. Technically, You're Single If That's How You File Your Taxes, Right?
Single by Any Other Name
Singular Lifestyle Trends
Singular Fact or Fiction

Step Two. Indulge in Random Acts of Selfishness
Sustain the Single State of Being

Chapter 5. But I'm Too __________ to Be Married!
Loves Blue Jeans, Lacks Marriage Gene
The Revenge of the M.R.S. Degree Dropouts
Dateworthy Dish, Not Marriageable Main Course
Paid to Party

Chapter 6. One Night Stands and Other Hostage Situations
A Lust Story
Where Singles Fear to Tread
Respect This Four-Letter Word: Safe
Singles Click
True Confession Time: For One Night and One Night Only

A Year of Living Exquisitely Single

Step Three. Claim Your Space
Establish a Singular Sense of Place

Chapter 7. Individual Upkeep: Oil Changes, House Payments, and Dinner for One
Good Housekeeping Does Not Require Husband Keeping
Home Is Where I'm Head of the Household
A Table for One Can Be the Best Seat in the House

Chapter 8. Going Public with IPOs (Independent People Only)
One Is Always Enough
The Midlife Mating Game
Menopausal Male Stickiness
Sex 101

Chapter 9. Managing Milestones without Marriage
Is Marriage a Mandatory Milestone?
Creating a Circle of Life
The Last Dance with My Father
New Year's Eve: Blindly Following Tradition
Birthday Breakthrough.

Step Four. Embrace the "L" Word
Be the Love of Your Life

Chapter 10. Hooking Up and Hanging Out:
The State of the Date
Date to Be Determined
Hope Is Not a Strategy
A Single Gal Has a Ball!
Options Are Meant to Be Kept Open

Chapter 11. Living with Love as Possibility
Don't Typecast Love
Conscious Cuddling
Can We Talk Kisses for a Minute?

Chapter 12. Be Your Sole Support: Find Support for Your Soul
Skip the Middleman. Buy Your Own Damn Ring!
Money in the Bank Bingo
True Believer in Me
Me, Me, Me! The Self-Serving Pleasure Principle
The Power of Choice
Only One is #1

Finally: The Single Best Last Word

Solo Living Resources:
Singles Organizations
Lifestyle Essentials
Dating Assists
Women & Wealth
Health & Wellness
Single Best Shopping
Sex and the Single Life
Steal Away Tours and Vacations

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