Smart Hiring

ISBN: 9781402209307

By: Robert Wendover

Published: 07/01/2007

Smart hires transform tenuous small businesses into established companies.

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Learn how to build the most critical part of your business--your employees. Let Smart Hiring Take You to the Next Level! Finding and keeping the right employees is critical to the success of your company. But with the tangle of legal and practical issues involved, the hiring process is often littered with mistakes--mistakes that can cost you money, customers, and your reputation. Smart Hiring at the Next Level helps you sidestep the pitfalls that are tripping up the competition and shows you how to attract and hire the candidates who will put you on the road to success. Inside, you will learn: --Strategies for attracting the best candidates --How to write effective ads and recruiting materials --The 80 Percent Rule for assessing applicant suitability --How to decode resume-speak and get the information you want --Who should be involved in the hiring process --How to tap into non-traditional labor sources --The importance of job descriptions --How to get honest feedback from employee references Over 500 interview questions!

About the Author

Robert W Wendover

The work of author Robert W. Wendover has appeared in the Kiplinger Washington Letter and National Business Employment Weekly. He has shared his insights with thousands of companies and government agencies. He serves as an instructor for the University of Colorado and on the adjunct faculty of the University of Phoenix.


Table of Contents

Smart hiring for the 21st century
Why this book? To save you time and money!

Chapter 1: Hiring the Best Employees
The changing workforce
The impact of employee turnover
The hiring survival checklist
Alternatives to recruiting

Chapter 2: The Legal Requirements of Hiring
What laws apply
Common selection issues
Negligent hiring
Enforcement and recordkeeping
State requirements

Chapter 3: Job Descriptions and Compensation
The importance of job descriptions
Job analysis and audit
Writing job descriptions
Determining compensation

Chapter 4: Recruiting the Best
Recruiting as a hiring tool
The recruiting plan
Budgeting for recruiting
Internal recruiting and referrals
Identifying applicants' motivations
Enhancing organizational image
Exploring sources of labor
Locating external applicants
Creating an attractive job notice
Developing labor pools for the future

Chapter 5: Family and Friends: Dealing with Nepotism
Nepotism in business
Devising a nepotism policy
Tips on screening family and friends

Chapter 6: Evaluating Applications and Resumes
Resumes and applications: where should they be used
Electronic options for resume screening
Evaluating a resume effectively
Evaluating cover letters
Development and review of applications
Reception of electronic applications
Evaluating the whole package

Chapter 7: Screening Applicants by Telephone
Getting off to a good start
The value of telephone screening
Interactive voice response programs
Preparing to screen by telephone
Conducting the screening
Evaluating callers

Chapter 8: Take-Charge Interviewing
Detecting the winners
Establishing the process
Developing questions
Conducting the interview
Alternative interview strategies

Chapter 9: Obtaining Reliable References
The importance of checking references
Conducting a reference check
Checking credentials

Chapter 10: Employment Testing: Do’s and Don’ts
Overview of testing issues
Paper and pencil testing
Selecting integrity tests
Polygraph screening
Genetic screening
Drug and alcohol screening
Performance-based testing
Medical screening

Chapter 11: Landing Performers: Making the Right Offer
And the winner is
Notifying candidates
Negotiating offers and compensation

Appendix A: Sample Interview Questions
Appendix B: Federal Recordkeeping Requirements
Appendix C: Sample Compensation Plan
Appendix D: Recruiting Strategies
Appendix E: Resources


Make Your Job Notice Attractive

Excerpted from Smart Hiring by Robert W. Wendover © 2002

Writing a job notice is like writing an advertisement. The description must sell the job in the ...

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