Successful Classroom Management

ISBN: 9781402240126

By: Richard EysterChristine Martin

Published: 06/30/2010

The first book to address head-on the most in-demand and troubling issue for teachers: how to control their classroom

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Lead, Inspire, and Change Your Students’ Lives

Each year, tens of thousands of new teachers head out for their first teaching job, ready to fulfill a lifetime dream. However, most teachers have nothing to prepare them for or support them on one of the most important parts of their job: how to effectively run a classroom and handle the students.

Successful Classroom Management is the first book to give you the skills you need to manage a classroom effectively. Richard H. Eyster and Christine Martin present the lessons that have made them the most sought-after seminar trainers on the topic, addressing:

Handling Classroom Problems
Troubleshooting Issues
Enforcing Discipline
Inspiring Students
Creating an Engaging Classroom Atmosphere

Filled with expert advice, stories and tips from teachers, and spot-on techniques, this is your new essential handbook that will help you not only survive in the classroom, but also live your dream and give your students the full gifts that come from a great education.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                        IX
Introduction to the First Edition                      XIII
How to Approach this Book                             XIX
Part 1: Creating a Positive Tone
Chapter 1: The Image of an Effective Teacher                      3
Chapter 2: “We’re All in This Together”                           9
Chapter 3: The Power of Praise                                 15
Chapter 4: Ten Ways to Praise                                  33
Chapter 5: Setting High Expectations                            39
Chapter 6: An Unshakable Sense of Trust                        45
Chapter 7: Knowing the Whole Child                            51
Chapter 8: The Culture of a Class                               57
Chapter 9: Final Thoughts on Creating a Positive Tone              63
Part 2: Establishing Discipline
Chapter 10: Establishing Discipline: Overview                     67
Chapter 11: How to Be the Marshal of a Wild West Town            73
Chapter 12: The Popularity Temptation                          81
Chapter 13: The Power of “No”                                85
Chapter 14: The Power of Silence                               91
Chapter 15: Preventative Discipline: Seating Arrangements           93
Chapter 16: Isolate the Individual: The Private Version              99
Chapter 17: Isolate the Individual: The More Public Version         103
Chapter 18: Sending a Student to the Office                      105
Chapter 19: Enlisting Parent Support                           111
Chapter 20: The Solo Intervention: Enough Is Enough             117
Chapter 21: When It Is Beyond Your Control: The Mediation        123
Chapter 22: The Intervention: Martial Law                      131
Part 3: Structuring Your Class
Chapter 23: Planning for the Year                              141
Chapter 24: The Power of the Opening Days                     147
Chapter 25: Expectations Sheets                               151
Chapter 26: Daily Planning: Overview                          157
Chapter 27: In the Beginning: Before Even Starting a Lesson Plan    161
Chapter 28: Ensuring Variety in a Lesson Plan                    165
Chapter 29: The Successful Beginning of Class: Checklist           169
Chapter 30: Leading the Centralized Dynamic                    175
Chapter 31: Small Group Work                                191
Chapter 32: The Final Three Minutes                           199
Part 4: Optimizing Assessment and Feedback
Chapter 33: Assessment and Feedback: Overview                  207
Chapter 34: Tests                                           211
Chapter 35: Grades, Feedback, and Comment Writing             219
Chapter 36: Homework: Overview                             227
Chapter 37: Homework: Collecting It                           233
Chapter 38: Homework: Correcting It                          237
Chapter 39: Writing Narrative Comments: Six Critical
Recommendations                                         241
Chapter 40: Effectively Managing Parent Conference Day           247
Part 5: Beyond the Classroom
Chapter 41: Your Time, Your Life                              255
Chapter 42: How to Establish a Good Relationship with
Your Supervisor                                           259
Chapter 43: Key People with Whom to Establish Good Relations     279
Chapter 44: Making Use of Outside Resources                   283
Part 6: Special Circumstances
Chapter 45: Dealing with the Child Who Drives Us Crazy          289
Chapter 46: Supporting Students with Learning Differences         301
Chapter 47: Supporting the Quiet Child                         307
Chapter 48: Thirty-Five Steps for Dealing with a Difficult Class       319
Chapter 49: Twenty-Five Steps for Dealing with Difficult or
Angry Parents                                            337
Part 7: Appendices or Worth Noting
Appendix 1: A Whisper about Classroom Etiquette                351
Appendix 2: What Adults Remember: Characteristics of an
Effective Teacher                                          355
Appendix 3: What Students Want: Advice from the Kids            359
Appendix 4: A Note on Montessori Education                    363
Final Wi shes                                             365
The Authors                                             367
Index                                                     369


From the Introduction

There are brief encounters, small moments that forever change one’s life. I was in San Francisco ages ago, attending just another conference among man


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