Superuseless Superpowers

ISBN: 9781402243479

By: Neel WilliamsPatrick ConlonAdolfo AlcalaJason Nitti

Published: 02/28/2011

The world’s WORST and MOST POINTLESS superpowers have come

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In this age of economic downturn and global strife, when all that seemed powerful in the past has balked in the face of challenge, what we really need are heroes possessing powers so FATHOMABLE, so UNEXCEPTIONAL, so MERELY ADEQUATE, that they could only be deemed “SUPERUSELESS.”

Behold! The world’s WORST and MOST POINTLESS superpowers have come:

IN-FLIGHT FLIGHT: The ability to fly, but only while inside an airplane that’s already flying.
13TH BULLET BULLETPROOF: The ability to deflect the 13th bullet that hits you.
THE POWERPOINTER: The ability to turn any situation into a graph.
FLAWGIC: The ability to have flawless logic when arguing with your girlfriend.

About the Author

Adolfo Alcala, Patrick Conlon, Jason Nitti, and Neel Williams became friends while working at the same Madison Avenue advertising agency. Their blog superuseless.blogspot.com has been featured in Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, Reddit, Metafilter, Neatorama, and Gawker i09.



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I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for this book. Superuseless Superpowers is a collection of superpowers that would be funny if they weren’t so very sad. The book is based on a super blog...

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