Teacher’s Survival Guide: Gifted Education

ISBN: 9781593635381

By: Julia RobertsJulia Roberts Boggess

Published: 05/01/2011

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Teacher’s Survival Guide: Gifted Education is filled with practical information, tips for success, and advice from experienced educators who work with gifted children and youth. Starting with a plan to ensure that gifted kids thrive in the classroom, the book then asks teachers to examine their school setting, suggesting ways to involve school personnel such as librarians, counselors, arts teachers, and others in a team approach to ensuring the unique learning needs of gifted students are met. Along the way, topics essential to gifted education teachers are examined in detail, with the authors providing tips and strategies for recognizing and identifying giftedness, encouraging creativity, removing the learning ceiling, and providing the multiple opportunities and resources gifted kids need. The authors offer valuable suggestions for communicating with parents, as well as resources to guide teachers on their journey toward making their school a place where gifted kids can find academic and personal success.

About the Author

Julia Roberts Boggess

Julia Link Roberts, EdD, and Julia Roberts Boggess have worked with gifted students in many roles: an elementary teacher, a middle school teacher, a director of summer camps for gifted kids, a librarian, and a parent of gifted kids. This mother-daughter team stays current in gifted education through their involvement at the school, state, national, and international levels.



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