Teambuilding That Gets Results

ISBN: 9781402207464

By: Linda DiamondHarriet Diamond

Published: 01/01/2007

Expert advice plus activities, in one easy guide.

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Teambuilding is one of the fastest-growing areas on the business shelf, as companies look to increase efficiencies and morale. Teambuilding That Gets Results, an easy-to-use guidebook for building effective teams, will increase the strength of any business. Harriet and Linda Diamond offer expert advice gleaned from years of consulting businesses on building strong teams. Topics include: --Building strong, flexible teams --Team assessment --Team models --Stages of team development --Teams that succeed --Teambuilding activities --And more Full of essential advice and activities that businesses can put into use immediately, Teambuilding That Gets Results is destined to become the top teambuilding book on the market.

About the Author

Harriet Diamond

Harriet Diamond, freelance writer and author of seven business books, founded Diamond Associates, a training and consulting company that delivers teambuilding, change, and customer service solutions. She serves on the advisory board of Enterprising Women, a magazine for women business owners. Linda Eve Diamond is an author of 12 books in the areas of business, education and poetry. Her Website is http://LindaEveDiamond.com.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments -

Introduction -

Chapter 1: Teams -
- What is Teamwork?
- Teams at Play
- Sports and Teams
- What Team?
- Teams that Work
- Empowering Leadership
- Stating Your Vision
- Teeming with Teams

Chapter 2: Team Development -
- Take Charge of Your Team
- Stages of Team Development
- What Stage Is Your Team in Now?

Chapter 3: Team Processes -
- Know the Rules and When to Break Them
- The Meeting: A Team Process
- Brainstorming
- Problem Solving
- Action Plans
- Assumptions
- Innovation
- Teambuilding Foundations

Chapter 4: Communication -
- How Important is Communication?
- Information Sharing
- Clarity
- Question-Friendly Environments
- Listening
- Nothing Personal
- Follow-Through
- Means of Communication

Chapter 5: Feedback -
- Why Give Feedback?
- Positive Feedback
- Developmental Feedback
- Peer Feedback
- Assessing Team Leaders
- Client/Customer Feedback
- The Language of Feedback
- The Learning Process

Chapter 6: The Culture Mix -
- Culture Consciousness
- Language and the Multicultural Team
- Traveling Abroad
- Generational “Cultures”
- Culture Chasms

Chapter 7: Change: The Only Constant -
- Change Is Life
- Finding Opportunities to Evolve
- Initiate the Change You See
- Who is Tied to Your Change?
- Comfort Levels
- The Stress Response

Chapter 8: The Virtual Team -
- The Technological Boardroom
- Building Trust
- Information Sharing
- Communication Etiquette
- The Virtually Invisible Team Member

Chapter 9: Periodic Inventory -
- Taking Stock
- Personnel
- Product/Service Assessment
- Your Stakeholders
- Take Care of Your Team

Chapter 10: Expanding Your Internal Team -
- Expansion: Risk vs. Reward
- Hiring
- The Interview
- Culture Patterns

Chapter 11: Don’t Grow It Alone -
- Networking
- Advisory Boards
- Growth Strategies
- External Resources
- Remember the Home Team

Appendix A: Reflect and Compare -

Appendix B: Activity Reference -


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Excerpted from Teambuilding that Gets Results by Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond © 2006

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