Top Performer’s Guide to Project Management

ISBN: 9781402209659

By: Susan Benjamin

Published: 05/31/2007

Top performers know how to plan and run a successful project. You are just a short read away from mastering this essential skill.

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Plan and Execute Projects that Deliver Amazing Results

No matter what business you’re in, effective project management is a cornerstone of your success. Top performers understand not only how to get results, but how to draw a project to the right conclusion exactly when it’s needed.

The Top Performer’s Guide to Project Management gives you a quick yet definitive overview of how project management works and ways of creating the best possible results. Discover:

-Why project management is so important
-How to set and meet deadlines
-Budgeting and sticking to it
-Tips for dealing with obstacles
-Bringing the project to a satisfying and happy ending

Top performers know how to plan and run a successful project. You are just a short read away from mastering this essential skill.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1
In the Beginning . . .
Business Results
Other Financial Considerations
Think It Ain’t So?
The Importance of “But Maybe . . .”

Chapter 2
Who’s Who in Project Management
The Team—and What You Should Know About Them
Contractors and Suppliers
Meet My Friends Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing

Chapter 3
Shaping a Vision, Drafting a Plan
Top Components of a Business Plan
Vision and Mission Statement
Project Description and Scope of Work
Roles and Responsibilities
Time Management

Chapter 4
Execution: Fingers to the Pulse
All About Push Me/Pull Me
Internal Communications
Communication Models
The PM Monitor or Running Track
External Communications

Chapter 5
What to Do When Disaster Hits the Fan
Risk Management
When the Worst—or Almost Worst—Happens

Chapter 6
Happy Endings


Chapter 3
Shaping a Vision and Drafting a Plan

What is a project management plan? Take out a can of soup. Look at the panel marked “instructions.” See where it says to open the can, put ...

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