ISBN: 9781402239328

By: Bruce Chadwick

Published: 04/30/2010

Facing a crumbling union and inevitable anarchy, three men form an unlikely alliance…

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Facing a crumbling union and inevitable anarchy, three men form an unlikely alliance…

When the smoke cleared from Revolutionary War battlefields, independent minded Americans turned against each other. Faced with a sagging economy, a weak central government, and citizens still reeling from British rule, three bold young men could shape a great nation of the chaos—but first they’d have to learn to work together.

Praise for Triumvirate

“Dr. Chadwick tells an exciting story…His analysis will provoke further debate about this momentous period in American history.”
—Dr. Paul Clemens, Chairmn of the Rutgers University Department of History
“In this remarkable book, Bruce Chadwick reminds us of the three extraordinary men who worked state by state, individual by individual, to ensure passage of the Constitution. It’s a fascinating tale, well told.”
—Terry Golway, author of Washington’s General and Ronald Reagan’s America

About the Author

Bruce Chadwick is a former journalist and author of seven works of history including 1858, The First American Army, George Washington's War, and The General and Mrs. Washington. He lectures in American history at Rutgers University and also teaches writing at New Jersey City University.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii
The Important Players ix
Prelude: Summer 1787, and the Constitutional
Convention in Philadelphia xiii
1. A Fight Brews 1
2. The Arrival of James Madison in a
Turbulent New York City 7
3. The Triumvirate 29
4. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms 57
5. The Federalist 75
6. Newspaper Support across the Country 87
7. A Winter of Worry 93
8. Pennsylvania: The First Tough Skirmish 101
9. Snowstorms and Political Storms: The Fight in Massachusetts 107
10. The Fourth, Silent Member of the Triumvirate: George Washington 123
11. Virginia 141
12. Virginia’s Wild Convention Begins 159
13. New York: The Final Round in the Tiny Village of Poughkeepsie 195
14. New York: Into the Stretch 225
Aftermath 251
Endnotes 271
Bibliography 306
Index 317


The Constitution of the United States was not written to create a government for the newly independent United States. It was produced to replace the old government, created by the Articles o


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