The Ultimate Joke Challenge

ISBN: 9781728232805

Published: 10/06/2020

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A hilarious laugh-out-loud joke book gift for kids...and fun for the whole family! For ages 5-7, 8-10, and 10-12. Includes 300+ jokes!

GOAL: Make your opponent laugh out loud and don't laugh yourself—we dare you!

In this ultimate showdown, players compete in multi-level rounds with hilarious charades for kids, fill-in-the-blanks, knock-knock jokes, tongue-twisters, shout challenges, mumble challenges, and more. Each laugh you get earns you a point, and the person who gets the most laughs is crowned the Jokestar Champion! This clean, screen-free time game book is epic fun for the whole family. Just try not to laugh!

A perfect gift idea for:
  • Good white elephant gifts for the kids and family
  • Stocking stuffers for kids
  • Funny gifts for kids—boys and girls—for birthdays, family game nights, road trips, sleepovers, Easter baskets, and more!
  • Reluctant young readers with funny content that engages the imaginations of reluctant and beginner readers, helping them gain confidence and build vocabulary and reading comprehension
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    Format: Paperback

    Length: 8 in
    Width: 5 in
    Weight: 0.00 oz
    Page Count: 128 pages


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