The Undercover Edge

ISBN: 9781492667629

By: Derrick Levasseur

Published: 10/02/2018

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Discover the Undercover Advantage

In a televised social experiment before millions of viewers, police sergeant Derrick Levasseur demonstrated that techniques used by undercover detectives could help people achieve their goals in everyday social situations. The result: he walked away with more than half a million dollars.

In The Undercover Edge, Derrick shares his personal mind-set surrounding human behavior and motivation. Even more than that, he provides easy yet groundbreaking tools acquired while overcoming personal adversity and working more than a decade in law enforcement, showing readers:

  • The power of observation and creating a profile
  • The effect of using silence to extract and evaluate information
  • The benefits of interpreting body language and developing your sixth sense
  • The importance of self-awareness and adapting to your environment
  • The value of developing a personal ops plan with a defined mission

Derrick's approach allows readers to create a solid foundation in their lives, build confidence personally and professionally, and push themselves to become stronger, more capable leaders.



“Derrick Levasseur walks the reader through his law enforcement career and highlights tips and techniques that can be used by everyday people to gain new insights into social and busines...

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Format: Paperback

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Page Count: 304 pages


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