Walk the Wild Road

ISBN: 9781402243776

By: Nigel Hinton

Published: 01/18/2011

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PRAISE FOR Walk the Wild Road “Nigel Hinton is an inspired storyteller. Leo’s walk along the wild road will captivate you as it did me. This is a wonderful tale!” —Bernard Cornwell , International Bestselling author of Historical Fiction “This is an uplifting, touching, and at times heart-wrenching novel that addresses the issues of class and religious discrimination as well as poverty.” —School Library Journal “Walk the Wild Road is more than a page-turner, it’s a grip-you and hold-you yarn all the way from its opening paragraph.” —Malcolm Macdonald, author “A gripping, epic tale of one brave boy’s journey into his own future…Walk the Wild Road is a million stories distilled into an adventure you won’t forget.” — Wesley Stace, aka John Wesley Harding Leo took one step forward and then stopped. This was it—the road away from everything he knew. He could turn back. But then who would save his family from starvation? No, Leo was their last hope. He must go on… The journey is not easy—he’ll have to sleep on the streets, steal food, and even fight off greedy soldiers. Along the way, Leo discovers the kindness of strangers and the loyalty of friends. But he also learns there are some people you just can’t trust, especially when you’re on the wild road to America.

About the Author

Nigel Hinton

Nigel Hinton was born in Britain in 1941 during an air raid. He is the author of sixteen books in the UK, and the winner of numerous awards. The Road from Home is the first novel that he has crafted from his own family history.



From Chapter One

Leo was the first to see the storks.

He was on the high bank overlooking his house when he heard the flapping of wings. He looked up through the bare branche


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Walk the Wild Road is probably one of my favorite Middle Grade reads so far since starting my blog. It did the history well without sacrificing the storyline or the characters a...

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Format: Paperback

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Page Count: 288 pages


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