We Interrupt This Broadcast

ISBN: 9781402213199

Published: 10/01/2008

This updated version features 3 audio CDs with actual broadcasts and includes a new afterword from NBC’s Brian Williams.

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Where Were You When…? Few phrases garner as much attention as "We Interrupt This Broadcast…" Wherever we may happen to be, our lives stop for a moment, and we experience those few seconds of anxiety between the interruption and the actual announcement of what has happened. In words and images, We Interrupt This Broadcast brings to life the famous and infamous moments that were announced to us with those four chilling words. This 10th Anniversary Edition features 3 audio CDs with actual broadcasts and includes a new afterword from NBC’s Brian Williams. From the dawn of electronic media to today, from the catastrophe of the Hindenburg to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, these are the forty-three events that stopped us in our tracks and changed our world. We Interrupt This Broadcast recounts the details of the events and spotlights the photographs that tell the stories. Accompanying the book are two digitally mastered compact discs containing over two hours of audio from the events, narrated by award-winning journalist Bill Kurtis. These heart-stopping moments include both the famous words you remember and rare audio footage that will take you back into the magnitude of the event. Share with your friends, family, children and grandchildren your memories of where you were when the world stopped and held its breath in anticipation. PRAISE FOR WE INTERRUPT THIS BROADCAST: "News junkies can go in for the good stuff with this book and CD set…an impressive tome of rare photos and historical accounts.…" Time Out New York "…the ability of the electronic media to capture history couldn’t be more powerful—or chilling." Biography magazine "Altogether, the book and CDs are a keeper, offering both valuable history lessons and a dramatic record of the definitive moments for generations of Americans." Publishers Weekly "The CDs deliver an exciting, engaging exercise. The events are all hugely memorable. The bits of historic sound are powerfully evocative." Baltimore Sun "Garner has done a masterful job of collecting these moments, and with the accompanying CDs, one can listen over and over to the moments that shaped this century." Booklist Essential for EVERY library—home and public This is the latest in this series of books with CDs produced by Joe Garner for Sourcebooks. For the last 10 years updated versions were published, as enough news events occurred to warrant a new edition. We are now up to THREE CDs of material, carrying us to 2007 with the horrific massacre at Virginia Tech University. While most of the events captured here—starting in 1937 with the explosion and crash of the Hindenburg—are tragedies, there are a few glimmers of hope, usually involving the space program in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, the only other upbeat story included is the end of World War II (and the fact that there even was a war is not very upbeat.). But as philosopher George Santayana said (and has often been repeated with minor changes: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.". And that is reason enough to get this book, play the CDs, look at the photos and, if you have children, share the experience with them. The first 2 CDs are the same as prior editions yet it is still worth getting this edition—if you already own the earlier ones, [then] for the third disc. (Then give your older copy to a friend or, better yet, donate to your local library.) Steve Ramm, "Anything Phonographic" May 1, 2009 Amazon Review

About the Author

Joe Garner

Author Joe Garner is a twenty-year veteran of the radio business, including eleven years as an executive with Westwood One, the international radio syndication company and owner of the NBC Radio Networks and Mutual Broadcasting System. He is president of Garner Creative Concepts. His expertise on the media's coverage of major events has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, CBS Up-to-the-Minute and hundreds of radio programs nationwide. He is also the author of And The Crowd Goes Wild and And The Fans Roared, featuring the words, images and actual audio from the greatest moments in sports history. Compact disc narrator Bill Kurtis has been earning the respect of viewers, colleagues and competitors in television journalism for over thirty years. His career has touched every facet of the most influential medium in our lives. Millions of viewers now join him each weeknight as he presents hour-long, in-depth documentaries on the A&E Network. His earlier broadcast career was spent with CBS, as an anchorman at WBBM-TV in Chicago and correspondent and anchor for CBS News in Los Angeles and New York. Currently, his creative efforts are focused on Kurtis Productions, Ltd., and he has become one of the country's foremost producers of documentaries for television. Bill is executive producer of three award-winning, prime-time series for the A&E Network: the Peabody Award-winning science adventure series, The New Explorers with Bill Kurtis, and the highly acclaimed Investigative Reports and American Justice. His first book, Bill Kurtis on Assignment, features accounts of his international reporting accompanied by over one hundred of his photographs.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Walter Cronkite

Introduction disc

* The Hindenburg Explodes
* Pearl Harbor Under Attack
* D-Day: The Normandy Invasion
* President Roosevelt Dies
* V-E Day: War in Europe Ends
* Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima
* Japan Surrenders: WWII Ends
* Truman Defeats Dewey
* General MacArthur Fired
* Sputnik Launched by Soviets
* John Glenn Orbits Earth
* Marilyn Monroe Dies
* Cuban Missile Crisis: Nuclear War Threatened
* President Kennedy Assassinated
* Japan Surrenders: WWII Ends
* Truman Defeats Dewey
* Lee Harvey Oswald Assassinated
* President Johnson Declines Reelection Bid
* Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated
* Robert Kennedy Assassinated
* Apollo 11: Man Walks on Moon
* Apollo 13: Astronauts Escape Disaster
* Kent State Massacre
* Munich Olympics Tragedy
* Nixon Resigns
* Saigon Falls
* Elvis Dies
* Iran Hostage Crisis
* John Lennon Assassinated
* President Reagan Shot
* The Challenger Explodes
* Berlin Wall Crumbles
* Operation Desert Storm Begins
* Rodney King Verdict Incites Riots
* Waco Standoff Ends in Disaster
* O.J. Simpson Saga
* Oklahoma City Bombing
* Flight 800 Explodes Over Atlantic
* Atlanta Olympics Bombing
* Princess Diana Dies
* The Impeachment of President Clinton
* Tragedy at Columbine High School
* John F. Kennedy Jr. Dies
* The 200 Election
* America Under Attack
* Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins
* Hurricane Katrina Floods New Orleans
* The Virginia Tech Massacre

Afterword by Brian Williams
Audio and Announcer Credits
Photography Credits
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““It's that sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves. What is interesting is that besides friends from here in the States, I'll be hosting friends from various parts of t...

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