The Wedding Ceremony Planner

ISBN: 9781402278228

By: Reverend Johnson

Published: 03/05/2013

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The only comprehensive guide for planning your ceremony, your way!

Offering an abundance of elegant and heartfelt choices for ceremony elements, ten full sample ceremonies, and often-overlooked logistics, this is the absolute essential guide for anyone designing a wedding ceremony. Expert guidance helps you tailor your ceremony to your situation and beliefs. Includes downloadable text options and worksheets for ultimate convenience.

Praise for The Wedding Ceremony Planner:

"Weddings are sacred acts surrounded by material hoopla. The Wedding Ceremony Planner clarifies the worldly issues but keeps the spirit central. It's the balance that every couple needs."—Marianne Williamson, author of The Gift of Change

"With countless samples of ceremony segments and worksheets to put them all together, The Wedding Ceremony Planner affirms what we all hope for: to communicate our love in a clear, heartfelt manner that truly reflects who we are."—Jack Canfield, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Bride's Soul®

"Erased any jitters I had and replaced them with the perfect plan...I will recommend it to both officiants  and couples alike."—customer review


Table of Contents

Part One
Your Wedding Ceremony: The People, the Place, and Special Considerations
Chapter 1 Creating Your Wedding, Your Way
What Is a Spiritual Wedding?
Your Dream Wedding
Remember to Take Charge
Choosing an Officiant
A Note to Officiants
Couple/Ceremony Information Sheet—Sample
A Personal Perspective
Chapter 2 Setting the Tone for Your Wedding
What to Consider in Designing the Ceremony
The Couple
The Guest List
The Wedding Party
Chapter 3 Planning the Ceremony Location
Finding Your Wedding Ceremony Location
Identifying Your Needs and Desires
Researching Possible Sites
Agreeing on Terms for Use of Your Chosen Site
Optimizing Your Ceremony’s Location
Balance and Fit
Special Considerations for Outdoor Weddings
Easily Accessible and User-Friendly
Factors to Consider in Designing the Ceremony Site
Ceremony Site Layout Worksheet—Sample
The Wedding Party
Chapter 4 Special Considerations
“Handle with Care” Relationships
Who Does What, When, Where, Why, and How
Wedding Contact Information Sheet—Sample
Just Before the Ceremony Checklist—Sample
The Wedding Program
The Wedding Rehearsal
Wedding Rehearsal Checklist—Sample
A Note about Ushers
Part Two
Designing Your Ceremony
Chapter 5 The Ceremony Text
Designing the Ceremony Text Worksheet—Sample
Ceremony Overview
In the Beginning
The Seating of the Guests
The Processional
Processional Cues and Sequencing Worksheet—Sample
Opening Prayer
Gathering Words
Remembrances and Acknowledgments
In the Middle
Readings and Songs
Charge for the Couple
The Declaration of Support
Marriage Address
Symbolic Rituals
Unity Candle Ceremony
Tree Planting Ceremony
Sand Ceremony
Water Ceremony
In the End
Wedding Vows
Ring Exchange
Prelude by the Officiant
Ring Exchange by the Couple
Final Blessing and Pronouncement
The Recessional
Recessional Cues and Sequencing Worksheet—Sample
Chapter 6 Incorporating Personal Beliefs and Circumstances
For a Smaller Wedding
The Friendship Circle
When Your Ceremony Involves Children
Incorporating Religious Traditions
Jewish Wedding Rituals
Explanation of Jewish Traditions
Blessing and Drinking the Wine
The Seven Blessings
Prayers from the Old Testament
Symbolic Gestures
Incorporating Ethnic Traditions
Greek Crowning Ceremony and Common Cup
The Polish Ritual of Symbolic Gifts
The Wrapping of the Mantilla
Part Three
Putting It All Together
Chapter 7 Sample Ceremonies
Ceremony One: Spiritual and Heartfelt
Ceremony Two: Short and Sophisticated
Ceremony Three: Celebrating Our Oneness While Honoring Our Differences
Ceremony Four: Inspired by Nature
Ceremony Five: Short, Spontaneous, and Intimate
Ceremony Six: A Marriage with Children
Ceremony Seven: Non-denominational Christian with Scriptural Readings
Ceremony Eight: Joyful Family Togetherness
A Note about Commitment Ceremonies
Ceremony Nine: A Heartfelt Commitment Ceremony
Ceremony Ten: Renewal of Marriage Vows
Chapter 8 Checklists and Worksheets
Couple/Ceremony Information Sheet
Ceremony Site Layout Worksheet
Wedding Contact Information Sheet
Just Before the Ceremony Checklist
Wedding Rehearsal Checklist
Designing the Ceremony Text Worksheet
Processional Cues and Sequencing Worksheet
Recessional Cues and Sequencing Worksheet
A Final Thought
About the Author



When couples come to me to be married, they often describe themselves as spiritual, but not religious. They may indicate that they do


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“An excellent resource. Not only does she help with contextualization, but she also provides real life examples.” - San Francisco Bay Times


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