What the Bride Wore

ISBN: 9781402283758

By: Jade Lee

Published: 08/06/2013

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When All is Lost

All Grant Benton, Earl of Crowle, can think of is restoring his family's fortune so he can go back to being a gentleman of leisure. But when he meets beautiful, purposeful Lady Irene Knopp, he begins to question whether there might not be a better way to live life after all...

What's Left is Desire

Lady Irene will never give up her fulfilling work dressing the most beautiful brides in England. She'd rather risk losing love forever than sacrifice her own life's purpose. Yet she has never met a more magnetic, attractive man than Grant. Trapped between the fleeting chance at love and passion for her work, is it possible she can have it all?

Praise for Wedded in Scandal:

"Dazzling...a beautiful, haunting tale of love overcoming the seemingly greatest odds."—Night Owl Reviews

"A delectable and delightful love story...Lee's gift for characterization, sensuality, and swift-moving plots engage readers' emotions and sweet them away."—RT Book Reviews, 4 star

"Jade Lee gives us a winner."—Fresh Fiction




Fire, alcohol, and you. Could you do anything more stupid?

Grant Benton, future Lord Crowle, glared at the dog. It really hadn’t been Dandy, the very ugly collie, who


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“Lee has a definite flair for creating engaging characters, and the latest installment in her sexy series (Wedded in Scandal, 2012) will delight readers who relish experiencing a differe...

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Format: Paperback

Length: 6.875 in
Width: 4.1875 in
Weight: 7.84 oz
Page Count: 384 pages


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