Women Who Broke All the Rules

ISBN: 9781402229862

By: Susan EvansJoan Avis

Published: 03/01/1999

Ordinary but extraordinary women changing lives

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Life turns out in ways you never expected.

The eighteen million women born in the first years of the baby boom grew up anticipating a life of rules--go to college, get married, have a family. But when the time came, the cultural, social and political tumult of the late 1960s catapulted them into options that no previous generation had even considered.

The Women Who Broke All the Rules is the first book to celebrate the ordinary but extraordinary women who made decisions that have changed every woman's life. Against extreme odds and without role models, these women made unprecedented life choices--in marriage, childbearing, education and work. By breaking every rule in the "good girl" handbook, they defined new ways for adult women to live. You will recognize yourself, your family and your friends in these pages.


Table of Contents


Part One: Who We Are As Women
Chapter 1: I See Myself as an Accidental Pioneer
Chapter 2: By the Time I Got to College,They Changed All the Rules
Chapter 3: I was a Foot Soldier in the Sexual Revolution
Chapter 4: I've Become the Person My Mother Hoped I'd Marry
Chapter 5: I Like the Journey As Much As the Destination

Part Two: Who We Are As a Generation
Chapter 6: I've Made Lifestyle Choices That Surprised Even Me
Chapter 7: I've Grown, What's His Problem?
Chapter 8: I'm Blessed to Have Women Friends Who are the Backbone of My Life
Chapter 9: I Tell Women to Keep Walking and Remember to Pass the Torch

Appendix: Interview Questions


From Chapter One, "I See Myself as an Accidental Pioneer"

"If you could talk to the women who came across America in covered wagons, they'd say they weren't very tough either. I did what I had...

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