World War II on the Air

ISBN: 9781402251016

By: Alex LubertozziMark Bernstein

Published: 05/01/2005

Experience World War II As It Happened

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“A fascinating read that, paired with the historic recordings, gives a thrilling sense of what it was like for Americans at home following the war in their living rooms.”—Library Journal

“High-level drama”—Indianapolis Star

“Highly recommended.”—Choice

The story of World War II was told first not by historians, but by reporters. And no one told that story with more impact than Edward R. Murrow and the remarkable band of reporters he assembled.
World War II on the Air recounts the dramatic stories behind these extraordinary correspondents. And it lets you hear their actual broadcasts, culled from the archives and collected here—many for the first time—on audio CD, narrated by Dan Rather.

About the Author

Alex Lubertozzi

Alex Lubertozzi has been a writer and editor for more than ten years. He has written articles for Screen, Small Press, and was a contributing editor for the pop-culture ’zine Pure.

Mark Bernstein

Mark Bernstein writes on history and biography, and is the author of Grand Eccentrics, New Bremen and Gentleman Amateurs. His magazine work has appeared in Smithsonian, American Heritage of Invention & Technology and elsewhere. He was for many years a contributing editor of OHIO magazine. He lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


Table of Contents


CD Track List (total time: 66:20)
Prologue: August 1940
1. -The Gathering Storm
2. -War in Europe
3. -This Is London
4. -America at War -
5. -Invasion and Liberation
6. -Murrow’s Legacy

CD Track List (total time: 66:20)
1. Introduction
2. Anschluss: Edward R. Murrow (Vienna)—March 13, 1938
3. Eve of War: Edward R. Murrow (London) / William L. Shirer (Berlin)—August 28, 1939
4. War Is Declared: Edward R. Murrow (London)—September 3, 1939
5. A Peace of Sorts: William L. Shirer (Berlin)—September 29, 1939
6. The “Phony War”: Edward R. Murrow and William L. Shirer (Amsterdam)—January 18, 1940
7. Hitler’s Return: Mary Marvin Breckinridge (Berlin)—January 30, 1940
8. Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium Invaded: William L. Shirer (Berlin) / Thomas Grandin (Paris)—May 10, 1940
9. Chamberlain Resigns: Edward R. Murrow (London)—May 10, 1940
10. German Bombing of Paris: Eric Sevareid (Paris)—June 3, 1940
11. Italy to Enter War: Cecil Brown (Rome)—June 4, 1940
12. Dunkirk / Churchill: “We Shall Never Surrender”: Edward R. Murrow (London)—June 4, 1940
13. German Troops Enter Paris: William L. Shirer (Berlin)—June 14, 1940
14. France Surrenders at Compiègne Forest: William L. Shirer (Compiègne, France)—June 21–22, 1940
15. London After Dark: Edward R. Murrow / Eric Sevareid (London)—August 24, 1940
16. Bombs Over Berlin: William L. Shirer (Berlin)—August 25, 1940
17. London Is Burning: Edward R. Murrow (London)—September 8, 1940
18. A Few German Pilots: Edward R. Murrow (London)—September 10, 1940
19. Rooftop Air Raid: Edward R. Murrow (London)—September 20, 1940
20. Christmas / “So Long and Good Luck”: Edward R. Murrow (London)—December 24, 1940
21. “The Bombing Has Been Heavy”: Edward R. Murrow (London)—April 16, 1941
22. Big Ben Bombed: Larry LeSueur (London)—May 11, 1941
23. Japanese Embassy: Eric Sevareid (Washington, D.C.)—December 7, 1941
24. “A Day Which Will Live in Infamy”: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Washington, D.C.)—December 8, 1941
25. Repulse Sunk, Brown Saved: Cecil Brown (Singapore)—December 12, 1941
26. Suicide Job of the 1942 War: Larry LeSueur (Moscow)—May 16, 1942
27. Algiers: Charles Collingwood (Algiers)—November 15, 1942
28. Axis Retreat in North Africa: Winston Burdett (Cairo)—December 16, 1942
29. Invasion of Sicily: Winston Burdett (Algiers)—July 10, 1943
30. Chinese Situation: Eric Sevareid (Chungking)—September 10, 1943
31. Race for the Possession of Italy: Winston Burdett (Algiers)—September 10, 1943
32. Orchestrated Hell: Edward R. Murrow (London)—December 3, 1943
33. Capture of Rome: Winston Burdett (Rome)—June 5, 1944
34. “Sterner Stuff Lies Ahead”: Edward R. Murrow (London)—June 5, 1944
35. Eisenhower’s “Order of the Day” / D-Day: Edward R. Murrow (London)—June 6, 1944
36. Flying Over Normandy: Richard C. Hottelet (London)—June 6, 1944
37. Utah Beach: Charles Collingwood (Utah Beach,Normandy)—June 6, 1944
38. Liberation of Paris (Premature Report): Richard C. Hottelet (London)—August 23, 1944
39. Paris Not Yet Free: Larry LeSueur (Northwest of Paris)—August 24, 1944
40. Market Garden / Parachute Drop: Edward R. Murrow (C-47 over Netherlands)—September 17, 1944
41. Street Fighting: Richard C. Hottelet (Aachen, Germany)—October 16, 1944
42. Crossing the Rhine: Howard K. Smith (Cologne, Germany)—March 24, 1945
43. Paratroopers: Bill Downs (Cologne, Germany)—March 24, 1945
44. Buchenwald: Edward R. Murrow (London)—April 15, 1945
45. V-E Day in New York: William L. Shirer (New York)—May 8, 1945
46. V-E Day in Piccadilly Circus: Edward R. Murrow (London)—May 8, 1945
47. 9:15 Over Hiroshima: Edward R. Murrow (London)—September 10, 1945


London After Dark
Late on Saturday night, August 24, 1940, Edward Roscoe Murrow stood at St. Martin-in-the-Fields at the northeast corner of London’s Trafalgar Square. Murrow was the chief Europe...

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