World's Greatest Brain Bogglers

ISBN: 9781882664191

Published: 01/01/1996

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On January 1st, a girl said to a boy, “Two days ago, I was 7, but next year I’ll be 10.” She was telling the truth. Try to figure out how this could be possible.—Pamela Massey, 12 What do you have when you are sitting down that disappears when you stand up?—Lindsay Lingerman, 12 Your students will love these collections of games, puzzles, logic puzzles, word finds, riddles, and mazes—all by kids just like them! Each puzzle or game is by a kid, because these challenges are collected from the pages of Creative Kids, a magazine by and for kids—so you know that the brain bogglers in these collections will be perfect for your students. Sit back as your students use logic to create a mismatched monster, decrypt secret messages, and solve picture puzzles. Filled with hours of fun and challenge, there is something for everyone in these books, from corny riddles, to perplexing crosswords, to complicated puzzles—all written by kids, but challenging for any age.

About the Author

Libby Lindsey

Libby Lindsey is the editor of World’s Greatest Brain Bogglers.



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