Writing Like Writers

ISBN: 9781593630003

By: Kathryn JohnsonPamela Westcott

Published: 01/01/2004

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Build a classroom of excited, talented young writers. This wonderful teaching resource offers a complete approach to creating a classroom of enthusiastic, skillful student writers. The authors provide a comprehensive approach to teaching writing in the classroom. This book offers the strategies teachers need to teach writing skills that meet national standards and produce excellent results from children. Topics addressed in this guidebook include: creating the writing classroom, teaching the writing process, teaching effective writing strategies, teaching elements of story structure, teaching the advanced craft of writing, and using a writers’ workshop to teach good writing. Writing is a great differentiator. During the writers’ workshop, each student is engaged in meaningful ways. Pulling together more than three decades of practical experience and research on the best strategies for teaching writing, Writing Like Writers offers a friendly, easy-to-use guide for any teacher seeking to build a classroom of successful writers.

About the Author

Pamela Westcott

Pamela V. Westkott has been teaching third grade most of her teaching career. She lives with her husband and teaches in a suburban Rhode Island seaside town. Her three grown sons live and work in the area. Westkott enjoys teaching, reading, gardening, hiking, and traveling.

Kathryn L. Johnson lives in the small rural village of Kingston, RI, with her husband, Paul de Mesquita, and two sons, Jacob and Cliff. Currently, she teaches Language Arts Methods and supervises student teachers at the University of Rhode Island. With a lifelong passion for literature and the written word, Johnson is a calligrapher, bookbinder, and creator of original, one-of-a-kind books. Her other interests include traveling, bicycling, camping and hiking, and playing music.



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